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The Needle: Does Whatever a D.C. Council Can Edition

Good Council: The D.C. Council passed a living-wage bill over Walmart's objections, introduced a marijuana decriminalization bill, let Vincent Orange wax megalomaniacal about whether his office has a side-door, and hung out with Spider-Man. How much do you love this town right now? +10
Autumn (and Winter, and Spring, and Summer) Leaves: Howard University Hospital employees [...]

Lawsuit: Howard University Exec Used N-Word to Grade Employees

Howard University is already dealing with a budget crunch and rowdy sorority girls. But now, according to a discrimination lawsuit, it could have a new problem: an unusual way of measuring employees' performance. Howard's former top human resources official allegedly had a strange phrase to describe top workers: "H.N.I.C.," or "Head Nigger in Charge."
Jeannette Frett, [...]

Howard Sorority Caught Tampering With Witnesses

The Howard University sorority lawsuit has taken another byzantine turn! The story of two seniors' legal fight to get into a sorority now involves something very unsisterly: witness tampering.
In case you missed the strange case of the would-be sorority sisters, some background: seniors Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield, and their mothers are suing Howard and [...]

Rand Paul Lectures Howard Students on Black History

Visiting Howard University Wednesday morning, Sen. Rand Paul spent half an hour making a pitch for why African Americans should consider voting Republican. It might have been more effective, however, if the Kentucky Republican hadn't spent most of his time lecturing on the history of civil rights to the students of one of the nation's [...]

The Needle: Country Twang

"Keepin' It Cowboy": For April Fools', Howard University's WHUR radio station claimed it was switching from an urban format to "Non-Stop Black Country," DCRTV notes. Not all listeners were pleased. +4
Breathing Fire: It only cost $1,000 for two Nats fans to buy Jose Canseco's painting of Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig as a dragon [...]

Howard Sorority Lawsuit Hits Roadblock

Suing their way into a Howard sorority is turning out to be a tricky proposition for two seniors. Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield filed a lawsuit last month to force sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha to accept them, alleging various forms of hazing along the way. Earlier this month, though, a judge denied their request for [...]

Hazing at Howard Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Was “Dehumanizing,” Lawsuit Alleges

The two Howard students who allege that their human rights were violated when they didn't get into the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority have been treated pretty roughly around the Web since I wrote about their lawsuit yesterday. Gossip blog Bossip's reaction was typical of the responses: "Oh for crying out loud, are you KIDDING???"
But the [...]

Alleging Human Rights Violations, Howard Students Sue to Get Into Sorority

Howard University seniors and sorority hopefuls Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield find themselves in a plot with elements of a teen novel: arguments about who can wear pink, accusations of snitching, a cabal of girls called "the Sweets." But instead of devising an elaborate way to get back at the in-crowd, Gossip Girl-style, they're suing [...]

Howard University Waging War on Dorm Roaches

Those roaches allegedly infesting a Howard University's Howard Plaza Towers dorm won't be around for much longer, if Howard has its way.
"Over the last three months, we have scaled up efforts including the fumigation of the entire Howard Plaza Towers Complex," writes university spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton in an email. Despite improvements, according to Hamilton, [...]

Howard Reinstates Suspended Athletes, Competition

Late afternoon statement from Howard University's spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton on the reported suspension of athletic competition:
Student athletes who were declared ineligible to compete by Howard University last Friday have been reinstated. As a result of this decision, all spring sports teams will compete as scheduled for the remainder of the season.
We'll update with more information [...]

Howard University Suspends All Sports Teams, Games [UPDATE– University: “Most teams will compete as scheduled.”]

Howard University has suspended all of its intercollegiate athletics teams for what appears to be a violation of NCAA rules. University spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton issued this statement:
It is with great regret that we have temporarily suspended intercollegiate athletic competition. This is a self-imposed action while the University conducts a review. We are working quickly to [...]

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NOROVIRUS WATCH 2012: 40 Howard University Cases Confirmed, Illness Spreads to Fairfax County

The illness keeps spreading! In a statement released this afternoon, Howard University has confirmed last week’s 40+ cases of gastrointestinal dysfunction were, indeed, norovirus. According to the university, 42 Howard students, one UDC student, three Howard University Hospital employees and one D.C. resident  with the virus were seen at Howard University Hospital between Feb. 22 [...]

NOROVIRUS WATCH 2012: Which School Will Get Hit Next?

Last week, George Washington University released a statement to students, faculty and staff saying that norovirus was to blame for 85 cases of illness in students across the campus. Since then, universities around D.C. have been working to prevent the spread of norovirus by releasing statements urging students to wash their hands.
This week, Howard University [...]

The Needle: Yes, Traffic Is Getting Worse Edition

Why Don't You Get A Job? The November jobs numbers are out, and unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2009! At 8.6. percent, everything sounds really good, until you remember that the boost is probably due to holiday hiring, and the fact that several hundred thousand more people simply just gave up on finding [...]