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Howard Kurtz Evokes Sympathy for Sally Quinn

The Germans must have a lengthy word for the emotional sensation, on account of a Howard Kurtz post, of being made to feel sympathy for Sally Quinn. (Think schadenfreude, but without all the righteous pleasure.)
Kurtz, in a rather Howard Kurtzian fashion, today wrote a mind-boggling article for his new employer Fox News attacking Quinn's daughter-in-law, Pari Bradlee, for what he deemed [...]

Where Are The Women And Non-White Media Critics?

A hearty congratulations to City Paper alum Andrew Beaujon on accepting a gig at Poynter as the site's "new Romenesko." There, he'll be writing a media blog edited by Julie Moos that will replace the work of Jim Romenesko, who left Poynter last year and launched his own blog.
With all of the changes happening in journalism, [...]

The Needle: Farewell to Kurtz Edition

Say It Ain't So, Howie: A Monday without the Washington Post Style section delivering a mild scolding from Howard Kurtz to some media organization for violating his keenly honed sense of ethics is like a day without finding something irritating to read in the morning paper over breakfast. (What, you thought we were going to [...]

The Needle: No Rain, No Gain Edition

Stop Us If You've Heard This One: At 2:21 p.m., the bulletin went out from the National Weather Service: "A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 PM. A COLD FRONT WILL CROSS THE AREA... PRODUCING NUMEROUS THUNDERSTORMS. DAMAGING WIND GUSTS WILL BE THE PRIMARY THREAT." Fun! By now, the routine should be more [...]

Howard Kurtz Power Crisis: Resolved!

Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz is once again the occupant of an electricity-powered home.
As devoted City Desk readers know, Kurtz's latest torment at the hands of Pepco began yesterday, after a powerful morning storm. The outage came on the heels of a previous five-day power cut last month. During that crisis, the reporter angrily denounced the [...]

Kurtz: Still in the Dark

For readers just joining us: In alarming news previously known only to the roughly 33,275 Twitter followers of media critic Howard Kurtz, the influential Washington Post/CNN figure apparently remained without power as night descended.
Kurtz, who endured a five-day storm-induced electricity cut prior to going on vacation, returned home just in time for a second stint [...]

Does Howard Kurtz Have Power? (Part 2)

So does Howard Kurtz have power?
As of 1:24 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time... We don't know! No update on the electricity situation at the Kurtz homestead in more than five hours. (Though there is a new link to some Playboy photos!) But surely, Pepco is on the case.
Remember, at City Desk, our motto is: "Your number [...]

Does Howard Kurtz Have Power?

A few weeks ago, Washington Post and CNN media reporter Howard Kurtz launched a Twitter crusade to get Pepco to restore power to his home after the massive thunderstorms that swept the region. At first, the Pepco folks didn't seem to realize who they were dealing with. "Of course we care," Pepco's Andre Francis replied. [...]

Weekend in Review: CIA Soup of the Day Edition

Wet weather didn't just disrupt your balcony barbecue over the weekend. The soggy conditions are being blamed for delaying today's scheduled reopening of the Chain Bridge, WJLA-TV reports. In a cruel twist of fate, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge was somehow able to reopen early.
WaPo's Howard Kurtz this morning profiles the frantic lifestyle and obsessive Twitter habits of "Chuckie T," better known [...]

Weekend In Review: Did The Hoyas Get Screwed?

The Fish Market flooded! Is it me or do you see those flood warnings think it's BS? Maybe I should take those warnings seriously—especially after seeing pictures of the flooded market. SWDC blog writes:
"An overcast Sunday morning brought surprises to the Southwest Fish Market which was flooded by high water on the Washington Channel [...]

Morning Roundup: Broder’s Gonna Work It Out Edition

This time, it's not about a charticle. In today's Post, David Broder takes on Dana Milbank, Jason Horowitz, and "journalists who fancy themselves great campaign strategists." Our video guy is standing by.
HEY SPEAKING OF THE POST: One of the paper's boldface names stinks up the joint with a widely ridiculed column, the paper's executive editor [...]

Morning Roundup: The National Enquirer Goes for a Pulitzer and Conan Gets $45 Million to Shut Up

It's Friday!
Today, there is no other place to start but here: the weather (the roads are just wet for now, but there is still a chance you need to panic). Also, road closures and the March for Life. You going?
Next: Howard Kurtz's story in the Washington Post this morning about how the National Enquirer plans [...]

Weekend in Review

We're going to front the retrocast in this edition. What happened between 6 pm on Saturday and 7 am Sunday? Something big, 'cause when I went out to check for our newspapers, I felt as if I was in another macroclimate altogether. Talk about a dry front moving in! Was the difference between walking through [...]

Post Salon Scandal Gets Full Take Down

So the Washington Post appeared to want to make you pay big bucks for meet-ups with their reporters and editors. Politico had the scoop on the Post scheme in which Publisher Katharine Weymouth would host "salons" in which lobbyists and association muckety mucks would pay large sums of money to hobnob with Posties, Obama administration [...]

Sherwood Irked at Kurtz

In his column today on the death of newspapers, the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz makes an oft-made point: That without newspapers, the amount of investigative reporting out there in the world will dwindle. To buttress his point, he takes a shot at other media:
Local TV isn't likely to expose a crooked mayor, as the [...]