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Probation for Pot-Growing Reporter

Though it looked as if CBS Radio journalist Howard Arenstein would get away scott-free after having his Georgetown marijuana crop raided by cops, his luck eventually turned: Arenstein will have to do 90 days of probation, according to recent court documents.
Arenstein and his wife, Orly Katz, had been accused of cultivating a forbidden [...]

Georgetown Pot Charge Goes Bust

Backyard pot-growers will be happy to know that CBS reporter Howard Arenstein and his wife Orly Katz might never see the inside of a prison cell—they're no longer facing charges.
The couple were busted for possession with intent to distribute marijuana. That was due in part to the 11 hulking pot plants sprawling [...]

CBS Reporter Turned Marijuana Grower May Not Have Been Dealing

When news hit that D.C. cops busted a CBS reporter for dealing pot, we thought the journo might be the hook-up for federal Washington's political and media elite. But a source familiar with Howard Arenstein's side of the case tells City Desk the 60-year-old Georgetown resident isn't Jason Chaffetz's weed connect after [...]

Coolest CBS Reporter Ever: Check Out My Pot Plants

It's hard for a talented gardener not to brag, and that might have gotten CBS reporter Howard Arenstein in a lot of trouble. A police source claims cops would have never come upon the radio reporter's enormous backyard pot plants if the suspect's ego hadn't swelled along with his crop.
After receiving a [...]