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House Committee Hearing on Relaxing the Height Act: Worth Tweeting About!

The Height Act! We mostly think it is bunk and ought to be scrapped. But that's not happening anytime soon. What could be happening are incremental steps to maybe, kind of, a little bit, possibly adjust one of the more onerous D.C.-related things the federal government has exclusive control over.
Today, during a hearing of the [...]

The Needle: Brother, Can You Spare $600 Million Edition

D.C. Busted: For months, budget experts and politicians have been warning of how bad the District's fiscal situation is, and how much would have to be cut from expenditures (or raised in new taxes) to fill a $450 million gap in this year's balance sheet. Now it turns out the real shortfall is $600 million [...]

Toxic D.C. Tap Water Tops Off Week of Gloomy Health News

This morning, a bureaucrat from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control , the nation's preeminent public health agency, was summoned to Capitol Hill, where she was, in all likelihood, reamed out by members of a House subcommittee.
And with good reason, according to congressional investigators, who say CDC officials knowingly mislead District residents about the dangers [...]

The House Just Passed “Historic” Climate Legislation

The House of Representatives just passed cap and trade legislation to combat global warming.
The final tally – webcast live on C-SPAN – was 219 to 212, largely along party lines, though more than three-dozen Democrats defected to vote against the legislation. 

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 comes three years after the world scientific [...]

New Utah Rep Against D.C. Congressional Vote

Jason Chaffetz, a Republican about to take Utah's 3rd district congressional seat, says he's not going to support efforts to give D.C. a vote in Congress. So says the Deseret News.
Yeah, yeah—GOP'er against District voting rights; no news there. Why should anyone care what this guy thinks?
Well, the former BYU placekicker is the first member [...]