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These D.C. Hotels Still Have Availability

Before the panic reaches its crescendo, considering booking a hotel room.

Hotel Offering “Social Media Butler” for Inauguration Guests

Dreaming about inaugural decadence is fun, but no one would actually do this, part of the Madison Hotel's $47,000 inauguration package, right?
Dedicated Social Media Butler, Anchor Media’s Victoria Devine to chronicle your Inaugural experience so your friends and family can follow your adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The Social Media Butler will post [...]

Homeless Families Up 20 Percent

The Atlantic Cities picks up a post Lydia DePillis wrote last week about how D.C. is housing 200 homeless families in hotels for a whole lot of money. Matt Stroud adds that it's a growing problem nationally, where homelessness has increased 20 percent, and that perhaps its time to think of permanent solutions:
John Lozier, executive [...]

How To Figure Out If You Have Bed Bugs: Get This Dog To Come Over

In a posh hotel in downtown D.C., Dixie, a beagle mix, is sniffing out bed bugs. She can find them in walls, under carpets, and mixed up with cockroaches inside a spinning training device. Mattresses, the most common hiding place for these seed-size suckers of human blood, pose little challenge.
“She only gets fed if she [...]

Inauguration Hype Watch: 750 Hotel Rooms Still Available

The inauguration may not be such a boon to one local industry—the hotels. Everyone might be saying that millions will be flooding our streets, dining in our restaurants, and filling our metro cars. But there are still plenty of hotel vacancies still available. WTOP notes that there are in fact 750 rooms still up for [...]