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More Security in Rock Creek Park as Police Investigate Homicide

There will be extra U.S. Park Police patrolling Rock Creek Park tonight as police investigate the fatal stabbing of a man whose body was found at Beach Drive and Joyce Road NW over the holiday weekend.
Police said at a press conference this afternoon, however, that they believe the area is safe to the public.
At this [...]

Photos: Vigil for June Lim

Slideshow.  Grace Deli, 7th and H Street, NE.  June 15th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Post: MPD’s Homicide Closure Rate “Makes Things Seem Much Better Than They Are”

The Post releases a report today on the extremely high homicide case closure numbers being posted by MPD. Under Chief Cathy Lanier, the department says it's reached a 94 percent closure rate—far higher than the 65 percent national average—but the Post says the calculations don't show a true picture.
But an examination of District homicides found that [...]

Homicide: Ali Mohammed’s Death Ruling Explained

Now that the D.C. Medical Examiner has ruled Ali Ahmed Mohammed's death a homicide, and that the cause was "Excited Delirium Associated With Arrhythmogenic Cardiac Anomalies, Alcohol Intoxication and Physical Exertion With Restraint," we're left to wonder what the heck that means. Moses Schanfield, a professor of Forensic Science and Anthropology at George [...]

City Blocked Liquor Board From Seeing MPD’s DC9 File

Before the Alcoholic Beverage Control board gave the go-ahead for DC9 to reopen, they tried to get a look at Ali Ahmed Mohammed's homicide investigation.The administrators subpoenaed information related to MPD's still open case, but Attorney General Peter Nickles ran interference by filing a motion to quash the request.
"The subpoena requests [...]

Weekend In Review: Long Hot Summer Nights Edition

Homicide is down nearly 25 percent in the former murder capital of America. "But you know, it is still summer," D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier tells WTOP. Just over the weekend, a teenager was shot dead in Anacostia, a retired D.C. cop was critically wounded during a carjacking at a Northeast gas station, and a bicyclist on Southern Avenue was [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Remembering Brian Betts

As the death of Principal Brian Betts continues to be investigated, I spent part of my night reading something unrelated to his murder. I read the Facebook tribute page that had inevitably been created to honor his memory. On that page, there is no surplus debate, no one demonizing Michelle Rhee. And there is no [...]

Woodland Murder Arrest Aided By Facebook

Yesterday, the D.C. Police Department announced that they had arrested Reginald Rogers for the shooting death of  Calvin Woodland on Jan. 27, 2010. So how did police detectives identify Rogers as the shooter? According to court records filed today, detectives got help from a few witnesses and...Facebook.

The Blotter: My Dog Wants Me to Call 911

Car-B-Cue: Sarah Fairbrother and her husband, Luke Wassum, who live near the Petworth Safeway in the 3800 block of Georgia Avenue, were sitting on their porch around 6 p.m. on Feb. 28 when they heard a loud boom. Fairbrother "figured it was a truck with a dumpster, but it was really loud," she says via [...]

The Blotter: D.C. Homicide No. 2 and a Laundry-jacking

City Desk provides weekly updates on crimes throughout the District.
D.C. Hack Shot: On Jan. 9, police came across a cab driver with an apparent gunshot wound to the jaw area. Officers believe the victim ferried a customer to the 1700 block of T Street NW at approximately 11:30 p.m. When the driver requested his fare, [...]

Details Revealed From The District’s First Murder Of 2010

Zachary Funke was the first person killed in the District in 2010. He was killed on January 2. An autopsy revealed that Funke was stabbed multiple times in the right side of his neck and chest, court records show. The next day, D.C. Police detectives would charge Terrance D. Brooks with the murder of Funke.
Court [...]

D.C. Murders Way Down Even East Of The River

Last week, the District had 130 homicides for the year. That's way down from the 172 at the same time last year.
What's perhaps most impressive with this roughly 20 percent decline is that the drop is nearly citywide, according to the latest police stats. Murders are declining even in the most notorious neighborhoods.

Morning Roundup: The Young and Restless Edition

Wednesday morning’s roundup is brought to you by the young and restless intern, who is refusing  to write about any Social-Security-sucking, ozone-depleting, spotlight-hogging baby boomers today.
While walking past a convenience store last  week, I noticed a sign that borderline panicked: “Get your vanilla cigarettes before they are banned!” The sign nearly inspired my non-smoking [...]

Must Read: Police Affidavit On Pizza Mart Murder

Today, the Washington Post had a nice scoop on the Pizza Mart murder, writing that the motive for the killing of Shahabuddin Rana wasn't robbery but involved a complicated immigration scheme. WaPo writes:
"At first, the slaying of Shahabuddin Rana, 44, inside his Pizza Mart in the 2300 block of Fourth Street NE appeared to have [...]

Photos: Vigil For Na Na Boo