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What the Heck Happened to D.C.’s Legal Marijuana Yesterday?

The attempt by Congress to hijack local laws (again), explained

Rep. Thomas Massie Says He Wants To Show His Kentucky Constituents He’s Pro-Gun

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky figures Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will likely block the amendment he tacked onto an appropriations bill to decimate D.C.'s gun laws once it gets out of the House. But Massie opted to introduce it anyway. After all, he says, his constituents elected him as a pro-Second Amendment candidate, and he needs [...]

Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie Keeps Pushing to Gut D.C.’s Gun Laws

It took him two attempts, but this morning a Republican House member from Kentucky got what he wanted and successfully attached an amendment that would gut D.C.'s gun laws to a $21.3 billion spending bill.
Rep. Thomas Massie's amendment to the financial services and general government appropriations bill states that the District government is prohibited from spending any of its money on [...]

Another Congressman Tried to Mess With D.C. Gun Laws on the House Floor

The District has had a rough couple of weeks trying to rebuff attempts by officials from outside the District trying to screw with happenings inside the District. There's Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, who wants to block funding for D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law. And then Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who wants to gut the city's strict gun laws.
Last night on [...]

Doobie in Hand, Rep. Mica Questions D.C.’s Decriminalization Law

At the beginning of this morning's congressional subcommittee hearing on D.C.'s recently passed legislation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot, Rep. John Mica made one thing clear: He doesn't have much experience rolling joints.
Prompting the explanation was the fact that the Florida Republican was actually holding a joint—a mock doobie he had a member of [...]

House GOP Again Tries to Restrict Abortion in D.C.

Republican Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona called a hearing today that largely focused on why it would be best for the residents of D.C. to have their access to abortions restricted, and he made sure the District's only elected representative in Congress couldn't testify on the matter.
Chaired by Franks, the hearing in the House Judiciary [...]

The Needle: In Congress, Opinions Are Like Assholes Edition

Express Yourself: Voters approved an amendment to the Home Rule Charter in April that would allow D.C. to spend locally raised money without waiting for Congress to appropriate it to us by an overwhelming 81-13 margin. The official word from the House of Representatives: Well, that's just your opinion. Literally—a report issued by the GOP-controlled [...]

Issa Introduces Bill To Give District Budget Autonomy, Sort Of

Perhaps I'm a cynic, but I'm not convinced Darrell Issa's new bill to offer the District budget autonomy was made in good faith. The California Republican (who tried to micromanage D.C. government just a few weeks ago), has attached a clause to the bill that would prevent the D.C. from using its own tax dollars to [...]

Travis Childers for D.C. Council? Stick to Mississippi, Activists Say

Activists with DC Vote—whose executive director Ilir Zherka figures heavily into this week's City Paper cover story by writer Byron Tau —staged a "file-in" demonstration on Capitol Hill yesterday, one by one filing into the offices of U.S. Rep. Travis Childers in protest of the Mississippi Democrat's efforts to gut the District's gun laws.
It was Childers' 11th-hour [...]

Our Morning Roundup: D.C. Was Cool In The ’70s

I was born in 1973. According to last night's hour-long WETA documentary, Washington in the '70s, I missed a golden time that included the birth of home rule and go-go, Petey Greene, and Marion Barry before he sold out. Even more remarkable, the documentary showed that there was a time when the District's own residents [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

With home rule the end of the line
As Fenty gets ready to sign
With Congress encumbered
And medd'ling days numbered
Here's hoping the bill will be fine
From this to her weapon collection
Lanier had a week of deflection:
Don't focus on Jones
Just think of the stones
It took to fit in, sans protection
These plans for a structure inflatable
Could raise a concern [...]

Court Hands D.C. an Obscure Home Rule Defeat

This afternoon, Legal Times' Mike Scarcella notes that an odd dispute between D.C.'s federal and local prosecutors has been settled by the D.C. Court of Appeals.
The District lost.
The implications of the ruling are narrow but sharp: It pretty much puts the kibosh on any attempts, short of congressional action, to expand the Office of the [...]