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Local Meme Genius: Hitler Learns OPM Won’t Close the Government

“The Capital Weather Gang lied to me! They said four domes!"

Riggins Explains ‘Dark Heart’ Tirade, Adds Perspective to the Redskins’ Holocaust

John Riggins took some chuckles out of the Dan Snyder bashing season when he said the Redskins owner was a "bad guy" with a dark heart. The big let-down of Riggins' rant came from its utter lack of examples of Snyder's conduct that would back up such soul judging. The controversy wasn't addressed in the [...]

The Barney Frank Tirade: He’s Mean, But He’s Not Wrong

As someone who has herself borne the brunt of a verbal tirade by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and who has never been a fan of the way he feels entitled to speak to people as if they are pond scum, I come forth, nevertheless, in the congressman's defense after his takedown of a woman at [...]

Hitler and Jackson: Offensive on So Many Levels

Still, this video showing the Fuhrer reacting to news of Michael Jackson's death is brilliant.
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McCain/Palin Crowd Watch Vol. 2

Over the weekend, Coates linked to this. The Sun Sentinel reported that visitors to the McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach were greeted with a signed that read:
"Barrack Hussein Obama"
The sign went on to compare Obama to Hitler, Castro, and Marx. (It actually looks like a placemat from some kind of evil Denny's).