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D.C. Attorney General Introduces Bill to Combat Immigration-Services Fraud [UPDATE]

Notario fraud is notorious.

Census: D.C. Getting Bigger, Whiter, More Educated

The results of the 2010-2014 American Community Survey show D.C. has changed significantly in many ways during the past five years.

D.C.’s Hispanic Population Inching Northward

Hispanic Washingtonians have gradually moved north- and eastward from Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant.

Survey: The More People Use Metrorail, the Less They Like It

Metro has come out with the results of a new customer survey, and it's Bs and Cs all around. For example, 80 percent of passengers surveyed reported high satisfaction with Metrorail, while 84 percent reported high satisfaction with bus service.
Those aren't bad scores for a system struggling with financial problems and the Silver Line expansion. [...]