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Childless D.C. Hipsters Are Scornful of Everyone Else, Complains Gadfly

The Thanksgiving holiday's only been over for a day, but maybe you're missing your crankier relatives already. If so, you'll love today's installment of top Washington grumpsletter themail.
Newsletter proprietor Gary Imhoff's ostensible jumping-off point is a Post story about increased visitor parking restrictions in Ward 1, which do sound like they'll be annoying. But he [...]

Internet Baffled by H Street’s “Politico Hipster”

Forbes is out with a list of the country's top neighborhoods for hipsters, and Washington's H Street is number 6.
"'Politico' hipsters flock to this D.C. hood, separated from the rest of the city by the H Street Bridge," writes the magazine that is probably least equipped to judge hipness or, apparently, how bridges work. (Not [...]

The Needle: Red Means Stop Edition

Red Light, Green Light: They're not always visible to passengers, but Metro subway tunnels have signals, just like surface streets do, to tell train operators when it's safe to proceed ahead. And it seems that like red lights on the streets, sometimes people run the train signals, too. Two operators have skipped through a red [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Teacher Burnout!

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare expresses early burnout with blogging and possibly teaching! They write:
"Don't know if it's because of Impact (don't think so) or the forever stalled contract negotiations (maybe) or my administration (YES!!!), but I just feel really de-motivated. One thing I can say is that it's definitely not the kids. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hipsters Discover Skeeball

The Heights Life is pumped about the new fountain on 14th Street providing  pictures, a slideshow, and a written item. DCist has reporting from the opening of the finally completed plaza. Councilmember Jim Graham did not comment on the on-going-ness of the fed's bribery investigation which has already netted his Chief of Staff Ted Loza. [...]

Hipster Country

DCist has a way early look at the H Street Country Club. Let's see: ironic name? Check. Godzilla breathing fire? Check. D.C.-themed mini-golf? Check. Re-purposed thrift-store junk? Check. Bowling alley style booths? Check. All that's needed is some Vampire Weekend on the stereo.

I Was Into Hipster Pandas Before Hipster Pandas Were Cool

A couple days ago, Gawker picked up on a sweet Williamsburg street battle that broke out last weekend between New York's finest and hipsters dressed up like panda bears.
The faux-animal collective, known as Pandamonium, is described as "a costumed, roving, street party, apocalyptic, dance, rock, battle." But it's also so much more, writes "The Panda [...]

R.I.P. Hipsters

Well, it looks like we can finally put that whole "Hipster" movement to rest. A new local Website going by the name Hipster Overkill does the honors of sounding the fad's death knell, most likely played sarcastically on a cowbell:
What is Hipster Overkill you ask???
It is a platform to bring you Lifestyle, Music, Fashion, [...]