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Chatter: Leader of the Pachyderms

What you said about what we said last week
Does any animal invite more high-pitched emotions than the hippopotamus? The impassioned responses to Will Sommer’s case for the oft-dismissed creature suggest we might be do our Web numbers a favor by launching an animals column. Reacting to Sommer’s argument that the National Zoo is worse for [...]

Hippo Campus: The National Zoo Should Bring Back Nature’s Most Mercurial Large Mammal

The National Zoo's three Asian elephants moved into the pachyderm equivalent of the Ritz-Carlton earlier this year, with heated floors; giant, nearly silent motorized doors; and a lengthy walking trail for "cardio." The only thing that appears to be missing from the $56 million Elephant Community Center is an infinity pool.
With the completion of the [...]

The News From Bangkok

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