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The Needle: Hot Hot Heat Edition

You Can Dance If You Want To: Future scholars of social movements may well look back on May 2011 as the month it became safe to dance. Because up to now, the U.S. Park Police arrests of dancers at the Jefferson Memorial was merely a funny story; all of a sudden, it's a political protest. [...]

Photos: What Heat Wave?

Our Morning Roundup: Sure Is Hot Out There! Edition

Good morning, folks. If you managed to avoid yesterday’s mind-numbing heat, don't worry—you get another shot at experiencing it today. And tomorrow, maybe; temperatures are expected to hover around 100 degrees for a little while longer. So take advantage of the Department of Parks and Recreation’s decision to open all outdoor pools two hours early, [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hot Hot Heat Edition

Good morning, people! Hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and you're not sitting somewhere in your office sunburned and wondering what happened exactly. Either way, it's almost the weekend again! The District's looking at a high of 101 degrees for today. Don't worry, it won't get there until about 3 p.m., and it'll only [...]