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What If CNN Covered Local D.C. News?

The seconds after the Supreme Court issued its ruling on President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law this morning were not CNN's finest moments. The network breathlessly reported that the court had found the law's mandate for all Americans to have health insurance unconstitutional, when in fact, the court had done the exact opposite.
And while the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “NBC Moodswing” Edition

*Checked out NBC Washington's new "Moods"/Washington Is... section? I hadn't! (Sorry, vacay.) Definitely interactive. Also, leads to hilarious/tacky catchphrases at the top of the homepage (see above). My problem with this is the same problem I have with "viewers' choice awards" on reality TV shows. (Full disclosure: don't watch many reality TV shows.) The whole [...]

What’s On Cable News All Night?

This guy isn't even the craziest asshole attending these health-care town halls.

How to Get a Better Deal in D.C. Healthcare

Paying out-of-pocket for medical procedures like an MRI sucks. Paying for them in, say, Chevy Chase, Md., sucks even more. According to a release put out today by the Angie's list of medicine,, the disparity between what you'd be charged for an MRI of the cervical spine (no contrast) at a Rockville imaging center [...]

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