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Presidents Race Will Have a Vice-President for the Night

Everyone who said the Nationals' presidents race was over after Teddy Roosevelt won were wrong. That's because the real bad news for the  costumed faux-presidents will come Tuesday, when Teddy and his four counterparts are joined by a replica Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The Post reports that Foam Elaine will team up with Teddy in the race as [...]

Tweet of The Year?

(For reference)

The Yes Men Take to the Airwaves Tonight but Still Unlikely to Change the World

You know the dog days of summer are upon us when the Washington Post’s television highlights include tonight’s The Yes Men Fix the World, a new HBO documentary about those zany activists/performance artists, who go around impersonating corporate executives.
Their particular form of protest comes from poking fun at serious issues such as world trade rules, [...]

Screen On The Green Films Announced

HBO, Comcast, and the Trust for the National Mall announced the full Screen on the Green Schedule yesterday. The stunted (compared to last year's) schedule includes only four films. Screenings begin Mondays at sundown (8 p.m.).
July 20: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
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More dates [...]

HBO, Co-Sponsors Save Screen on the Green

No need for those "Save Screen on the Green!" T-shirts–HBO has found that crucial co-sponsor. DCist reports that SOTG has indeed been saved: "Comcast and the Trust for the National Mall have come on board along with HBO to sponsor the event."
DCist also reports that films will screen Mondays through August 10, starting with Close [...]

‘Yes We Can!’ Save Screen on the Green

Ask Jesse Rauch if the beloved, now bereaved, Screen on the Green has a shot at resurrection and you'll get a resounding, "Yes we can!"
"We will have Screen on the Green this summer," Rauch said in an interview with Washington City Paper. "And if we don’t, we’re gonna have 16,000 people with DVD players and [...]

Screen on the Green Canceled?

We Love DC is reporting that HBO has canceled this year's Screen on the Green. The blog writes:
"HBO has cancelled the long-running Screen on the Green program for 2009, according to a representative from HBO’s consumer affairs department."
So no Double Indemnity on the Mall, no Rebel Without A Cause under the stars. No reason was [...]

Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore to Play Clintons

I don't see it, but then again, Josh Brolin wasn't exactly an obvious choice as Dubya, either.
Quaid and Moore will star in an HBO movie called The Special Relationship. Which would be totally gag-inducing if the story centered on Bill and Hillary instead of Bill and Tony Blair, and "the unique and sometimes turbulent political [...]

Ted Haggard Comes Clean About Man-Love

In light of Barack Obama's decision to include Bishop Robinson in the Inauguration, as well as Dan Savage's quest to come up with a sex definition for "Saddlebacking", I thought I'd post a little update on Ted Haggard, the gay-bashing pastor who resigned from his church in 2006 after he was caught trading meth for [...]