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District Line Daily: FBI Goes Suburban

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The FBI is ditching D.C. for new headquarters in either the Maryland or Virginia suburbs, according to [...]

The Needle: Winning Streak

Sunny Sundays: The District has had "spectacular" weekend weather for 14 straight weeks, with an average high temperature of 78 degrees and an average low of 58 degrees during this period on the weekends. Let's hope this doesn't jinx it. +3
Game On: Rep. Andy Harris–the Maryland Republican who introduced an amendment to block D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law—played it real [...]

The Needle: In Defense of D.C.

Here We Go Again: Vice had an article this week declaring all the reasons why "D.C. Is the Worst Place Ever"—which was useful only in that it collected every tired and hackneyed gripe about D.C. in one place. (D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people? Thanks, hadn't heard that one before!.) Brightest Young Things struck back today [...]

The Needle: Welcome Back, Robber

Hello Ole Chap(s): Why was Harry Thomas Jr. back in town? Maybe to gather some old belongings? +3

Shake it Off: A dance party was scheduled to protest Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning and her proposals to the Height Act this evening, but it doesn't look like anyone was actually dancing. -2

WPFW’s DC Politics Hour Loses a Host

After two and a half years co-hosting WPFW's local news-heavy DC Politics Hour, political consultant Chuck Thies tells City Desk that he's leaving the program after tomorrow's episode.
"I gotta step away from the mic," he says. "I'm not bringing my A-game."
Thies says he's been too busy with consulting work to keep up with local politics [...]

The Needle: Blatche Slap

Slapdance Tuesdays: Trash-talking ex-Wizard Andray Blatche took some heat of his own in a radio interview on 106.7 The Fan today, with host Danny Rouhier calling him "an embarrassment" and advising him to "keep the Wizards’ name out your mouth." Harsh! +5
Brr: This unseasonably warm weather presages our eventual post-global warming societal collapse, but it's [...]

District Line Daily: MARC Party

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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Good morning, Washington! Did you enjoy Saturday's micro-derecho? Not the same as the genuine article, [...]

If You Give a Pol a Cookie…

When D.C.’s current era of federal investigations, indictments, and resignations finally reaches its apogee, it’ll be time for someone to condense it all into book form. Surely the District’s government scribes are already honing their pitches to write Dream City 2, but we’d like to think the foibles of D.C. politicos would make for some [...]

Did Tom Sherwood Make a Harry Thomas Jr. Prison Rape Joke?

If you needed any more proof that new federal inmate Harry Thomas Jr. has been forsaken by the District's political class, here it is: NBC4's Tom Sherwood told a joke about him having sex in prison at last night's RAMMY Awards.
Sherwood, who was presenting some of the restaurant awards with Washington City Paper Publisher Amy [...]

The Needle: Natitude Edition

HTJ, Exit Stage Left: Stealing $350,000 from the District's coffers nets you 38 months in federal prison. Or at least, that's what it netted former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. today, as a federal judge sentenced him to that plus another 36 months of probation for crimes he pleaded guilty to in January. The [...]

The Needle: Vs. Edition

The Post vs. Its Staff: The Post will be offering staff buyouts in an attempt to get rid of 48 employees, including Metro section staffers. Though the Metro staff is huge and covers a large region, we really hope the staff cuts don't mean stories about Falls Church dads who can't build treehouses go [...]

The Ward 5 D.C. Council Poster Campaign Begins

Even though 19 people have filed their intention to run for Harry Thomas Jr.'s Ward 5 seat on the D.C. Council, I've only seen one poster up everywhere—at least in my hood on the Bloomingdale/Truxton Circle border. It's a colorful one from Delano Hunter, who had an unsuccessful run against Thomas in 2010.
Back then, Hunter [...]

The Needle: Guilty As Charged Edition

And Then There Were 12: For months, Harry Thomas Jr. claimed he was innocent of all the allegations against him, even after he agreed to repay the District $300,000 that the attorney general said he stole. And then all of a sudden, he admitted he did it all. In a guilty plea in federal court [...]

The Needle: If I Had $1 Million Edition

Tips For Thomas: Now that Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has been formally charged by federal prosecutors for theft and filing false tax returns, the question becomes: What's next? Loose Lips is on it, musing about who could run to replace Thomas (should he resign, which he hasn't formally done yet), and getting tips [...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Harry Thomas Jr.

Federal prosecutors charged Ward 5 D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. today with theft and filing false tax returns.
For those of you just joining us: Allegations of misdeeds by a Thomas-run charity group called "Team Thomas"  have been floating around D.C. political circles for the better part of a year, prompting a legendary editorial crusade by [...]