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NoMa Harris Teeter License Suspended After Live Mouse Found In Storage Container

With rodents, comes rodent poop.

The Needle: D.C. Etiquette

Dear Abby: How high does the temperature have to climb in order to turn the World War II Memorial's fountain? People are actually doing this. So, oof, let's just hope these are tourists and not us upstanding locals. -2

D.C. is So Hot Right Now: At noon today, when temperatures reached around 92 degrees, D.C. was literally the [...]

The Needle: Ridin’ Dirty

Whip It: A woman writes in to PoPville complaining that one of her Metro co-passengers was masturbating while commuting this morning. -4

Supermarket Sweep: The former food desert of Shaw could be getting another supermarket, which is good news, but prospective super marketeers should be aware of the law of diminishing returns. +1

Windowless, $2,300 Apartments “Going Very Quickly”

In February, news broke that the roller rink above the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter was being turned into apartments. Eight of the apartments at the center of the former rink wouldn't have windows, getting light instead through a skylight. It looked like D.C. apartment mania had finally met its match: Who would pay thousands of [...]

The Needle: Matzoh Mitzvah

Deli Delight: D.C. is getting a proper Jewish deli. The menu at DGS Delicatessen, set to open Wednesday in Dupont Circle, features corned beef, kreplach, and, of course, matzoh ball soup. +4
Buses Return: D.C. has won back control of the school buses used to carry special education students. The federal government started overseeing the buses [...]

Southwest Residents Concerned about 12-Day Safeway Closure

Southwest residents have long kvetched about their local Safeway, on M Street SW. Shortages of staples such as bread and milk, produce so aged it wilts before you can get it onto the dinner table, long checkout lines—those experiences are consensus points for those who live in the city's forgotten corner.
And another point of consensus: [...]

Are You Freaking Out Yet?

One Shepherd Park resident just reported on the listserv that they have lost power. And long lines have been reported in grocery stores across the city. The Harris Teeter on the Hill is experiencing possibly hour-long lines! WTOP is reporting that 25 percent of the District's plows are busted and the city is now rationing [...]

With Snow Hours Away, Panic Strikes Harris Teeter!

I just got back from a really great three hour stay inside the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter. So yeah, I picked a really bad time to get Superbowl snacks. Let's break it down:
*One minute hunting for a cart. There were none at the entrance.
*59 minutes in cart gridlock hunting down the last of the beans, [...]

Columbia Road NW Safeway: Some Thoughts

I am biased against the Safeway on Columbia Road NW. I respectfully disagree with my former colleague Jule Banville, who wrote a stirring defense of this store; I have never forgiven the store for only de-grubbing itself once Harris Teeter moved in nearby. Because the Safeway near me, in Alexandria? It's delightful! But the one [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Divas Fall in the Forest…

In the end, our DC Divas were only bridesmaids.
In Saturday's IWFL Sup-Her Bowl in Austin, Texas, the Kansas City Tribe beat DC, 21-18, to win the women's tackle football national title, 21-18.
The Divas end the season at 10-1.
The sunset of Rachelle Pecovsky-Bentley's career wasn't as rapturous as it could have been. Pecovsky-Bentley, a 10th-year running [...]

Inaugural Hail Marys, Pt. II

Harris Teeter on Kalorama Road NW is abound with Inaugural Hail Marys™ today–Obama hot sauce, 312 beer brought in all the way from Chicago for people who wanna do this thing RIGHT. But the best flailing is at the front of the store, where some enterprising floral department member has written "Obama #44!!" and "Barack [...]