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Buy D.C.: This is Halloween

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area.

The Needle: Party On

Everyone gets an extra hour Saturday night.

The Needle: Politicians Get Spooky

Political Cloaks: Some D.C. politicians really got into the holiday spirit today, including At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange, who dressed up as an old bearded man, and Councilmember Yvette Alexander, who went as Nicki Minaj. +5

Nice Gestures: The D.C. Council will take up legislation next week urging Washington's football team to change its offensive name. A well-intentioned move [...]

The Needle: Halloween Killers

Lame Halloween: Behold: The the political costumes you are likely to come across during your Halloween nights out. The list includes dressing up as Anthony Weiner and a government shutdown barricade. -5
Radio Revival: Legendary sportscaster Don Geronimo is back in the game, and will return to D.C. radio Thursday. +3

Area Seniors Delight, Terrify in “Monster Mash” Lip Dub

Residents at the Greenspring retirement home in Springfield in Fairfax County (or is it New D.C.?) celebrated Halloween this week with a lip dub to "Monster Mash."
It's cute, but also kind of scary. The only way I'll be able to sleep at night is by focusing on how frequently Frankenstein mugs at his intended victim—like [...]

The Needle: Frankenstorm

Incoming Storm: Hurricanes are scary enough. Does this one really need the name "frankenstorm"? -3
Ramen Rampage: Washington's delicious ramen trend is getting a little more momentum with the opening of a new ramen shop in Adams Morgan. +1

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1600 Block of Newton Street NW, October 31
Page three photos are also in a big picture gallery.
Bonus, Halloween gallery.

Six Shot Last Night, Plus A Brawl In Georgetown

Huffington Post D.C. calls last night a "horrible Halloween" after six shootings across the city, including one in Georgetown, where conditions continued to degrade:
The shooting sparked a wave of young people who made their way on foot along Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Foggy-Bottom-GWU Metrorail station at 23rd and I streets NW.
Many of them were visibly disturbed [...]

Photos: Children of the Candy Corn

Mount Pleasant, October 31
A full gallery.

Do Occupiers Carve of Protest Symbols?

Despite the dismal weather, McPherson Square's Occupy DC contingent gathered in the protest's "library" tent on Saturday afternoon to carve pumpkins. About 15 people got crafty with the gourds; some stuck to traditional Halloween fare, but others embraced social-justice motifs. Occupiers noted that the pumpkins, donated from a local farm, are intended to light McPherson [...]

Photo: The Tombs

36th Street NW, October 31

Photo: Scream Masks

600 Block Rhode Island Ave, NW.  Oct. 29th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

This Halloween, Be Zombie Sulaimon Brown!


"Vince Gray Made Me Eat Adrian Fenty's Brains!"

Halloween falls on Monday this year, which means you've only got a few more days to figure out what costume to wear if you're so inclined. Here at Washington City Paper, we're keenly aware of the holiday's approach—mostly because old Amanda Hess blog posts suddenly start getting lots [...]

Happy Halloween! Reminder: Blackface is Never Okay

Look, I get it. Halloween is coming up, and people want to dress up. There are so many celebrities one could be: Beyonce. Nicki Minaj. Herman Cain!
But I'm going to be real with you: Being an individual of a different race is fine, going as a stereotype just makes you look racist, and blackface is [...]

The Needle: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My, Edition

There Be Lions Here: Typical postings on the Cleveland Park neighborhood message board deal with urgent matters like where one can find "electric adding machines." A recent update had something a bit more urgent—reports of a mountain lion loose near McLean Gardens. Hide your kids! Or at least keep them indoors with their adding machines. [...]