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Hailo App Will Turn Off in D.C. This Sunday

The taxi hailing app said it couldn't compete in the current market.

Hailo Cab App to Cease All North American Operations, Close Office in D.C.

Services will stop "imminently." Score one for Uber and Lyft?

Hailo Cuts Prices, Hires “Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy to Call Out Uber

Hailo says Uber's prices are just too damn high.

D.C. Cabs Could Get Surge Pricing

One of the key differences between D.C. taxicabs and their app-based competitors, like Uber, is that the government strictly regulates uniform prices for all cabs, while non-taxis are allowed to have their prices respond to market demands, with prices fluctuating at any given moment.
But now, under a new proposal first reported on by WAMU, the D.C. [...]

Uber Launches Cab Service for D.C.

Now that its legal status in the District has been settled, sedan service Uber is after a new market: taxi dispatch. In a release today, the service announced the addition of taxis to its popular app-based service.
So far, Uber-dispatched cabs will only be available for trips starting in the District. Cab trips would be cheaper [...]

Uber Discounts Trips for D.C. Apartment Hunters

Uber! So unlikable, but at the same time, so clever in its promotional schemes. Techcrunch reports that Uber has partnered with real estate website Trulia to offer Washington-area apartment hunters discounted fares this weekend.
In the deal, apartment hunters can score 25 percent off of three Uber trips as they shuttle from terrifying group-home interview to [...]

Uber Makes Gains on Sedan Regulations, While Competitor Hailo Plays Nice

After today's Council hearing on cab and sedan regulations, it seems like Uber and the D.C. Council might finally stop fighting. That's good news for Uber, because incoming competitor Hailo is more than happy to work with the Council if Uber won't.
"We are committed to working with the City Council, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission, [...]

Uber Launches New York Cab App. Is D.C. Next?

The New York Observer reports that luxury sedan service Uber is launching a new app in New York City. Unlike the regular Uber app, though, this would set up customers with presumably cheaper cabs instead of sedans. As is traditional when Uber has a new idea or legal trouble elsewhere, we have to check the [...]