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Neighborhood Watch: A Streetcar-Aimed Desire for Wisconsin Avenue

The Issue: The District Department of Transportation's plan to install a 37-mile streetcar system glaringly leaves Ward 3 out in the cold, without concrete plans for a streetcar to run up Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown. “One of the reasons they didn’t proceed was lack in community support,” says Glover Park resident Ben Thielen and creator [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Hush Proposed Lounge on H Street, NW

The Issue: Pouya Yousefi has been trying to secure a liquor license for Level Lounge at 315 H St. NW since May. He is proposing a Middle Eastern inspired lounge that accommodates 300 and includes everything from late-night dancing to a hookah bar. But the community is grappling with how the lounge will fit into [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Should Bloomingdale Become A Gated Community?

DC Teacher Chic stresses about having to monitor at-risk students. A huge number of your colleagues just got canned. And you get to complain about your job on a blog. Maybe you should quit. Here's what they wrote:
"I have the fortunate task of progress monitoring at least three-quarters of the students in my classroom. To [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Project H in Northeast…Eyesore? Or Is That Just What They Want You to Think?

The Issue: In early September, patrons of H Street NE began to notice H-shaped planters in the empty tree boxes along the sidewalk. There were 40 in all, each brightly painted and complete with an unappealing plant. So who is behind the mysterious “Project H”? That would be the non-profit DC Greenworks, which had the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: NIMBYS Almost Ruin Everything

Frozen Tropics reports that the H Street Festival almost didn't happen. Why? Because of one NIMBY who thought the festival permits might not have been in total compliance. The blogger calls out the NIMBY by name:
"For a few hours there it actually looked like Bobby Pittman (a well known local gadfly) might be able to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: How Well Do The Police Respond The Day After A Shooting?

Georgetown Metropolitan reports that JFK's first house in Georgetown is up for sale: "From 1947 to 1949, then Congressmen John Kennedy lived at 1528 31st. St. with his sister Eunice Kennedy. Most recently it has been the home of Republican Whip Roy Blunt. He has announced that he’s running for Senate in Missouri next year, [...]

Streetcar Project: More Bumps in the Road

Rerouting, ratcheting expenses, delays—the streetcar project is having a bumpy ride so far. The two lines that are planned—H Street to Benning Road in Northeast and Fifth Sterling Avenue to Good Hope Road in Anacostia—are intended to boost economic development. Up to now, they've mostly created frustrations.
So it's time to get the project back on [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Safe Streets Edition

Bloomingdale (for now) reports on the rumors that the Rhode Island Avenue NE Safeway is getting skipped over for renovations in favor of Northwest stores.
Frozen Tropics believes that H Street/Trinidad just might be safer than Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan:
"I feel safer living here than in Columbia Heights. Maybe it's just me, but I feel [...]

Nick Cho Show Moving to H Street

Despite speculation over at DCist, Nick Cho says it's not an April Fool's joke: He's closing Murky Coffee in Arlington and moving back to the District. He and, he says, most of his remaining staff will move over to a new spot, Wrecking Ball Coffee , at 475 H St. NW.
"We just couldn't make the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: School Is In Session

DCist reports on some economists who studied the impact of the inauguration. So did it boost the local economy? We know Ben's made out. We know the renters did not.
Frozen Tropics reports on some Catholic University architecture students who are studying H Street transportation. Next study topic: Benning Road. Please. Study it.
Southwest...The Little Quadrant That [...]