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H Street-Benning Road Streetcar Service ‘All But Guaranteed’ NOT to Start in 2015

No streetcar for you (this year)!

Dozens Planning to Fast at H Street Walmart on Black Friday as Protest Against Low Wages

Workers are calling for better pay from the multi-billion-dollar company.

X2 Bus vs. Streetcar

A bus reportedly swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle and instead dinged a streetcar.

Proposed Rules Would Ban Biking in H Street NE Streetcar Lanes

Biking on H Street, however, would not be banned entirely.

Dear PoPville: What Did H Street NE Look Like Before the Whole Foods?

"Dear PoPville,
Does anyone know what H Street looked like before the Whole Foods came in? When did they build the Vespa bar?"
Photo via Google street view

Man Pleads Guilty to Attacking Girl on H Street NE in Middle of Day While on PCP

A D.C. man pleaded guilty to attacking and attempting to sexually assault a 9-year-old girl in the middle of the day on H Street NE.
Demetrick Littlejohn, 27, pleaded guilty Friday in D.C.'s Superior Court to one count of attempted second-degree child sexual abuse in a type of plea where he did not actually admit to committing [...]

The New York Times Gets a Spatial Reasoning Lesson on H Street

Today's New York Times has a profile of Fundrise, the Washington crowd-investment platform that has its hands in several projects, in what the Times describes as "the transitional H Street NE neighborhood near Dupont Circle."
Now, H Street is near Dupont Circle, but only in the sense that it's closer than, say, the New York Times' [...]

District Line Daily: Pigskins Curse

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Are the Pigskins—thanks to their more offensive official name—under a curse keeping them from a Super Bowl [...]

The Needle: 9 to 5

Make It Rain: Washington is the best city for women's salaries, according to Forbes. +5
Revisionist History: The Weekly Standard is using the Pug's Dirty Asian Summer Punch fiasco an example of political correctness gone mad. But what's so wrong with telling a bar that it can't hang up a slant-eyed Asian caricature? -3

H Street Shooting Was Over Sneakers, MPD Says

This morning's shooting on H Street NE, first reported by DCist, was indeed over a pair of sneakers, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.
People were waiting in line outside the DTLR clothing store at 902 H Street NE this morning, anticipating the release of new Air Jordans, when shots were fired.
No one was injured in [...]

The Needle: Restrained Trump

Less Money, More Problems: Transportation and housing costs are eating up as much as 72 percent of some Washington area families' incomes. -4
The New Old Post Office: Donald Trump's remodel of the Old Post Office looks, for now, remarkably restrained. +3

Atlantic Curses Politico Hipsters to Eternal Unhipness

This Atlantic Wire article on why D.C. will never be the hippest city of them all is infuriating, but not because it insults the city's collective street credibility. After all, the Forbes "politico hipster" blurb that kicked this off was largely treated like a joke, at least until some people didn't get it.
Instead, writer Rebecca [...]

Internet Baffled by H Street’s “Politico Hipster”

Forbes is out with a list of the country's top neighborhoods for hipsters, and Washington's H Street is number 6.
"'Politico' hipsters flock to this D.C. hood, separated from the rest of the city by the H Street Bridge," writes the magazine that is probably least equipped to judge hipness or, apparently, how bridges work. (Not [...]

D.C. Human Rights Office Gets “Dirty Asian Summer Punch” Out of H Street Bar

Inspired by a victory-drunk Marion Barry promising to boot "dirty shops" run by Asian-Americans out of his ward in April, H Street bar The Pug has been serving a "Dirty Asian Summer Punch." Until now.
After Post reporter Mike DeBonis tweeted a picture of the sign advertising the drink, the District's Office of Human Rights sent [...]

H Street Sitcom Creator: It’s Not About H Street

The trailer for sitcom H Street has appeared, but woe be unto you if you think a show called H Street and based around H Street brunch hub the Argonaut would be about H Street.
"That Seventies Show wasn’t about the seventies and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had little to do with Philadelphia or its always [...]