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Sketch Book: The Streetcar’s First Day

Josh Kramer sketches the streetcar

At Starburst Plaza, a Community Tries to Combat Synthetic Drug Use

Starburst Plaza, a public space at the intersection of four major streets in Northeast D.C., has become a hub for synthetic drugs.

D.C. Kicks Off Vision Zero Initiative to Stop Traffic Deaths

Proponents of the program hope to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the city by 2024. How they’ll do so remains to be seen.

H Street Streetcar Will Launch Next Week (but Without Passengers)

And if all goes according to plan, humans will be able to use it sometime this year.

Hands Up on H Street NE

Demonstrators march down H Street NE to protest police militarization.

The Needle: You’re Only as Cool as Forbes Says You Are

DC Cool, in Theory: Forbes anointed D.C. the coolest city in America. Being named "cool" in an arbitrary list by a business magazine is bad enough, but the ranking also opened the flood gates to equally inane reaction pieces and a wave of faux-self-deprecating tweets. Better luck next year, D.C. -6
DC Cool, in Practice: A D.C. man asks if [...]

The Needle: Save the PBRs

Chopped House: Mythology Modern Chop House/Lore Lounge is opening on H Street NE next year and wants to start a wave of more upscale eateries and bars in the area. First, there are already upscale places there. And second, that sounds like a terrible idea—everyone loves tater tots and PBR. -4
Puff College: And the commencement [...]

6th and History NE

Last week’s announcement that a Whole Foods will open up on the 600 block of H Street NE drew lots of attention to this once-dilapidated stretch of pavement. But the imminent arrival of the yuppie apocalypse is hardly the biggest thing that’s happened to the block. First developed more than 100 years ago, the street [...]

The Needle: Whole Fools

Supermarket Sweepstakes: Whole Foods announced it would open a store on H Street NE today (and possibly one on the Walter Reed site) and the reaction basically went something like this: Well, it may be good for the community, but it's terrible because it could kill the neighborhood's hipster cred. -7
Virginia Gentleman: Virginia gubernatorial loser Ken Cuccinelli has [...]

Photo: H Street NE

H Street NE, October 29

Photo: H Street NE

September 10

Photo: Couple Kissing

1300 Block 13th Street, NE.  May 7th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Local

H Street NE, September 13

H Street Festival

Slideshow.  H Street, NE.  Sept. 15th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photos: Vigil for June Lim

Slideshow.  Grace Deli, 7th and H Street, NE.  June 15th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn