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Our Morning Roundup: Hipsters Discover Skeeball

The Heights Life is pumped about the new fountain on 14th Street providing  pictures, a slideshow, and a written item. DCist has reporting from the opening of the finally completed plaza. Councilmember Jim Graham did not comment on the on-going-ness of the fed's bribery investigation which has already netted his Chief of Staff Ted Loza. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Nationals Offer Blunt Letter To Fans

Pop Cesspool is mighty impressed with a letter from the Nationals which explained the firing of Manny Acta and gave a blunt assessment of the team's failings. After running down the season's few highlights, the Nats letter states:
"Much of the season, however, has been defined by weak relief pitching, poor defense, and youthful inconsistency. We [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Ms. Know-It-All Edition

Frozen Tropics posts a sneak peak inside the nearly finished H Street Country Club: "They are still putting the finishing touches on the golf course, but the place is otherwise ready to go. With a capacity of 300 people, the space has great potential, and the owners have pushed it to the limits. The menu [...]

So What Exactly Does Joe Englert Do During an Average Day?

As Joe Englert and I take a taxi (he rarely drives because he thinks it's cheaper to take cabs, once you figure in parking tickets in D.C.) to Enology, the wine bar he co-owns with Adam Manson, I ask the businessman if this indeed has been an average day for him. After all, by my [...]

H Street Country Club Continues Its Glacial Movement Toward Opening

Joe Englert keeps teasing me about a blog item I wrote, calling for a moratorium on stories about the H Street Country Club until the place actually opens. Englert thinks that I secretly believe the indoor miniature golf/Tex-Mex joint will never open. As if to prove me wrong, we stop by the construction site so [...]

Hipster Country

DCist has a way early look at the H Street Country Club. Let's see: ironic name? Check. Godzilla breathing fire? Check. D.C.-themed mini-golf? Check. Re-purposed thrift-store junk? Check. Bowling alley style booths? Check. All that's needed is some Vampire Weekend on the stereo.