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The Needle: “You Know, The Redskins Suck” Edition

#Fail To The Redskins: The New York Giants won the Super Bowl Sunday night, but most of the D.C. Council seemed to be thinking about a different football team, one that wasn't eligible for the sort of playoff run the Giants made this postseason even though two of their five victories in 2011 came against [...]

Faux Gun Control

For playful print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote about the government's War on Toy Guns.
I knew D.C's laws controlling real guns are going lax. But until recently I wasn't aware that federal and local statutes and various regulatory pressures have made it harder to get cap and squirt guns and air rifles and [...]

The Needle: Walmart Doesn’t Kill People, People Kill People Edition

Always Low Prices On Guns: It turned out Walmart didn't need much of a hard sell to get D.C. government officials to welcome them to town; the only argument the city's really putting up so far is about whether they'll deign to give us four stores, or five, not about whether they'll do things like, [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: High Powered Firearms Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
The Adams Morgan Bogeyman Succeeded: Unsurprisingly, ANC 2B voted against the liquor license application for a restaurant in the old post office building on 14th and T streets NW. Borderstan reports that a large mix of supporters and opponents [...]

Metro Bad News Roundup: Gun-Toting, Broken Staircase Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service,Washington [...]

The Needle: Walmart Doesn’t Kill People, Guns Do Edition

Fully Responsible: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is finally showing signs of realizing that ordering two high-end SUVs in the middle of a budget crunch might not be the key to everlasting gratitude among his constituents. He's e-mailing District residents who complain about the Lincoln Navigators to take "full responsibility" for the lease deal. Of [...]

The Needle: Armed and Rich Edition

Kill the Poor: The District's strict handgun control laws, thrown out by the Supreme Court two years ago, turned out to be yet another example of the rich in America being oppressed. Nearly half the weapons registered under the new regulations are owned by residents of Georgetown, Chevy Chase, and Palisades; more than 10 percent [...]

Because of Heller Decision, D.C. Man Will Appeal 1996 Gun Conviction

Gun advocates will be happy to know that despite the fact he's already served his time, Dave Magnus may just get off.
Back in December 1996, he ran afoul of the law when police discovered two guns in his Petworth home. But in 2008, things started to look different: the Supreme Court ruling on District of [...]

The Needle: No Brakes Edition

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Brakes: Metro escalators, it turns out, have a bizarre safety feature–when there are too many people on them, they speed up and dump everyone on the floor. What they're supposed to do is stop, but the brakes on the escalators at L'Enfant Plaza station failed to do their jobs during [...]

Corey Moore: A Defendant (Again)

A few months back, I ran into Corey Moore in Takoma. He was driving down Piney Branch one afternoon when he saw me and hollered. He pulled over. His teenage son rode shotgun. He had another smaller boy in the back seat of his SUV. I hadn't seen him in years. He told me he [...]

Shooting in Congress Heights

An adult male was shot this afternoon near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and Malcolm X Avenue SE. Police say the victim is conscious and alert. D.C. EMTs are transporting him, in serious condition, to a trauma center. Peaceaholics founder Ron Moten tells City Paper the victim is a 34-year-old man, and the shooting came [...]

Assault Rifle Stolen from Maryland Cop

Montgomery County police are on the lookout for a stolen cache of police gear—including an assault rifle.
According to a press release, an officer who lives in Brookville, Md., had his unmarked police car parked outside of his residence in the 2500 block of Sappling Ridge Drive between 9:00 p.m. on Monday [...]

Community Service Soon Over for Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is in compliance. In fact, the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency tells City Desk the basketball star and former halfway-house resident is almost finished with his community service. Gilbert was ordered by a judge to complete 400 hours of community service after his armed antics at the Verizon Center.

Travis Childers for D.C. Council? Stick to Mississippi, Activists Say

Activists with DC Vote—whose executive director Ilir Zherka figures heavily into this week's City Paper cover story by writer Byron Tau —staged a "file-in" demonstration on Capitol Hill yesterday, one by one filing into the offices of U.S. Rep. Travis Childers in protest of the Mississippi Democrat's efforts to gut the District's gun laws.
It was Childers' 11th-hour [...]

Photos: Men With Guns