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Gun-Toting Reporter Emily Miller to Leave FOX5

"It was a truly rewarding experience to work at Fox 5 DC," she says.

Man Shot At Anacostia Metrorail Station [UPDATE]

An adult male appears to have been shot at Metrorail's Anacostia station.

Circuit Court: New York Judge ‘Had No Authority’ to Rule on D.C.’s Concealed-Carry Regulations

D.C.'s Court of Appeals has vacated a crucial decision on local gun legislation by a visiting judge.

Mayor, Police Chief Rail Against Gun Violence

Bowser and Lanier addressed the spike in violent crime in the District, focusing on two incidents that occurred in July.

Here’s Where You Still Can’t Legally Carry a Gun in the District

Do not bring your weapon into that bar. Or that government office.

The Needle: Delayed Homicide

Guns Kill People: Former White House press secretary James Brady's death this week was due to injuries suffered when would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley shot Brady in the head, the Virginia medical examiner's office ruled. Brady's death counts as a 2014 D.C. homicide for statistics. Don't expect this to do much to help bring sanity to public discourse [...]

Blanket Security

Five hours after a man went on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard Monday morning, Jacqueline Alston was still waiting to hear if her husband was OK.
A custodial worker who keeps the fourth floor of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters clean, Ernest Johnston isn’t allowed to carry a cell phone to his job—national [...]

Before Armed March, Organizer Will Attend D.C. Toke-Up

Will activist Adam Kokesh stop getting arrested in time to get arrested at his July 4 armed march on D.C.? Despite getting arrested at a Philadelphia rally where protesters smoked marijuana earlier this month, Kokesh has started organizing another pro-pot event for June 8—and this time, it's in front of the White House.
Kokesh's Philadelphia arrest [...]

Organizer’s Arrest at Pot Rally Won’t Stop D.C. Gun March

Good news for the libertarian- or mischief-minded: The July 4 armed march on D.C. that has become a call for city-wide civil disobedience is still on. That's despite the arrest of march organizer Adam Kokesh in Philadelphia at a marijuana legalization rally over the weekend.
On his Facebook page, where the graphic at left appeared, Kokesh's [...]

LivingSocial Events Accused of Being Too Drunk, Macho

Between the terrarium-building classes and the suit-measuring parties, LivingSocial deals don't exactly ooze testosterone. But the liberal interest group CREDO Action says otherwise, and has issued a new report—DyingSocial—on the purported dangers and macho tone of the company's shooting and drinking events.
Unlike rival Groupon, LivingSocial continued offering shooting events after the Newtown massacre. While CREDO [...]

Gun March Organizer Now Calling for Citywide Civil Disobedience

The July 4 armed march on Washington just got a little more interesting. A day after telling City Desk that he would still try to enter Washington with a loaded gun, rally organizer Adam Kokesh changed tactics. Now, he wants citywide civil disobedience over whatever law participants consider unconstitutional.
"This is now a call for mass [...]

Armed March to D.C. Will Continue, Despite Police Warning

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier took to News Channel 8 yesterday to warn  participants of an armed march into D.C. on July 4 that police would meet them at the Virginia border. But that isn't dissuading organizer and talk show host Adam Kokesh, who tells City Desk he still plans to march.
While Kokesh says he's [...]

Virginian Will Trade Boxing Ring for Guns, Gold

Whenever anything has inflatable in its name—inflatable castle, inflatable slide, inflatable couch—it's better to rent than buy. Still, one Alexandria resident made the mistake of buying an inflatable boxing ring, and now it's for sale on Craigslist. It can be yours in exchange for $3,000...or perhaps something a little more permanent.
The ad starts out normally [...]

Photo: Gruesome Deer Wandering Around Montgomery County

While the proposed deer culling in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park has been hung up by a lawsuit, Montgomery County started its own culling program in Rock Creek Stream Valley Park last month. But according to one animal rights group, not all the deer that get shot in Montgomery County die.
According to animal rights group In [...]

Gun-Rights Ad Too Hot for D.C. Talk Radio Station

What does it take to be too conservative for talk radio station WMAL, the Washington area of home of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh? We may have just found out.
World Net Daily reports that the station refused to play a song that invokes a battle of the Texas Revolution as a warning for Barack Obama [...]