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Blanket Security

Five hours after a man went on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard Monday morning, Jacqueline Alston was still waiting to hear if her husband was OK.
A custodial worker who keeps the fourth floor of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters clean, Ernest Johnston isn’t allowed to carry a cell phone to his job—national [...]

Navy Yard Shooting Victims Mourned at Candlelight Vigil

With the Capitol building and an American flag flying at half-mast as the backdrop, a dozen or so people lit candles at Freedom Plaza Monday evening to commemorate the lives lost in the Navy Yard shooting earlier in the day.
"How immune are we becoming to these senseless mass shootings?" Eddie Weingart, the vigil's organizer and [...]

Weekend Police Roundup: Bikes, General Logan, Shootings

Did the police get all handsy with you this weekend? During the past three days, the D.C. Police launched another one of its All-Hands-On-Deck efforts in which all available officers were required to work a patrol beat. I saw the police respond in force to several little scenes—but the buzz going around centered on police [...]