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D.C. Guardian Angels Rise Again

The D.C. chapter of the volunteer anti-crime group have started patrolling Metro stations and the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Guardian Angels Face Down New Enemy: Public Shyness

After three women around Dupont Circle were mugged for their phones last week, the Guardians Angels have started patrolling the area, WTOP reports. But John Ayala, the D.C. chapter leader for the Angels, tells City Desk that standoffish pedestrians are making it harder to get the word out.
In addition to spooking potential robbers, Ayala and [...]

Guardian Angels To Protect Black Friday Shoppers

For D.C. residents participating in the shopping excitement of Black Friday, the citizen-justice group Guardian Angels have your back. From the MPD 3rd District list:
Guardian Angels will be handing out safety tips for the Holidays on Black Friday November 25, 2011. We will also be doing escorts from stores to cars and public transportation. We will be [...]

How to Write a Poem That Gets Published in The Washington Post

Summer moon.
Pencil, tapping.
Cable news talking heads flash silently across the room.
Blah blah blah... debt ceiling... blah Obama
Coffee once steaming, now cold.
Cursor, flashing.
How to make this story interesting?
Researching the effectiveness of citizen patrollers?
No, not that.
Never that.
Just describe the night.
Whatever words come to mind.
Iniquity. Molten. Calisthenics.
This is where the writer types.
There is time yet for a hundred [...]

Photo: Guardian Angels

© 2011 Michael W. Hicks

Broke and Battle-Scarred, D.C.’s Guardian Angels Scrounge for Cash

The D.C. Guardian Angels have put out a call via email for more members and donations.
The citizen crime fighters are revving up to, among other things, continue patrolling Metro this summer.
As founding member John Ayala points out in an email, riders could certainly use the safeguarding:
"In the month of May, there was a 17 yr [...]

Photos: Guardian Angels

The Blotter: I Got Drunk and Stole What?

Campus Safety: Two students reported sexual assaults last week. One occurred in a Georgetown University dorm on April 9. Campus police issued an alert detailing what happened:
“The complainant had left her room and was walking downstairs toward the basement. As the complainant was heading downstairs, an unknown male followed her and said to her 'Hey [...]

The Blotter: Parking Meter Thieves, Masked Men and Guardian Angels

Bus-ted: Last week, in two unrelated cases, two Metro bus drivers found themselves in trouble with police. On April 2, driver Dwayne Adamson allegedly flashed a knife after getting into a traffic dispute with a motorist. He was arrested.
And on March 4, while operating the D12 bus, driver Shawn Todd allegedly stopped [...]

Guardian Angels Increasing Presence in NW

The Guardian Angels, a national citizen watch group, is looking for participants to patrol parts of Petworth and Columbia Heights.