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LivingSocial PulseCheck: Today’s Deal, 42 Percent Off Web Traffic

This is part of an ongoing series monitoring the fluctuating pulse of D.C.'s very own online coupon company, LivingSocial.
Last month, City Desk reported that LivingSocial posted a third quarter net loss of $25 million, which wasn't so bad considering the company had seen steeper losses every other quarter this year.
But a look at the [...]

LivingSocial Events Accused of Being Too Drunk, Macho

Between the terrarium-building classes and the suit-measuring parties, LivingSocial deals don't exactly ooze testosterone. But the liberal interest group CREDO Action says otherwise, and has issued a new report—DyingSocial—on the purported dangers and macho tone of the company's shooting and drinking events.
Unlike rival Groupon, LivingSocial continued offering shooting events after the Newtown massacre. While CREDO [...]

The Needle: Sidewalk Suspicion

Wall Worries: A wall fell on the sidewalk barrier around the new Cleveland Park Giant, raising the question: Are people going to get crushed walking by a construction site? -6
Metaphor Breaks: Groupon has backed off of the "dam breaking" copy it used to sell tickets to Wizards games. -3

Groupon Pitches the Wizards as Disaster Porn

Imagine that you're Groupon (uh-oh!). You have to sell a $69 combo deal for a Wizards jersey, pregame access, and tickets to see the team play the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat. But the Wizards are cratering, and tickets to their games are going for a couple of dollars. What to do?
Pitch the [...]

No More LivingSocial Remorse: Coupon-Trading Site CoupFlip Coming to D.C.

There'll soon be a place for your impulse-buy LivingSocial and Groupon deals. CoupFlip, which buys and resells unused social deal coupons, is opening a Washington site later on July 30.
To offload a coupon, sellers download a PDF of the deal from their coupon site, then upload it to CoupFlip. Payment then comes via Paypal or [...]

Google vs. LivingSocial Is No Contest

While warning Google's new group coupon service, Offers, away from D.C., DCist editor Martin Austermuhle reaches a bit:
Google should tread carefully — the District, after all, is LivingSocial territory. Beyond the fact that two of the company's executives are locals — CEO and co-founder Tim O'Shaughnessy went to Georgetown, while Eddie Frederick, president and co-founder, [...]