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NoVa Gallon-Smashers “Kind of” Sorry for Prank

Fresh off terrorizing Vienna, Va., with their "gallon-smashing" ways, Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib are repentant...sort of.
In an appearance on TV show RightThisMinute, the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. “We kind of do, now," said Omar. "But I mean, it was just an innocent prank."

The Needle: Aftershocks Edition

Geology Rocks: A day after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake generously described by anyone on the West Coast as "moderate," things aren't quite back to normal around here. The Washington Monument was closed, DCPS was closed, and the panic that an impending visit from Hurricane Irene would have ordinarily generated in the local media was entirely [...]

Photos: Wednesday, the Parking lot

Safeway Update: New Stores Coming to Southwest Waterfront, Petworth in 2011

In addition to the new Safeway coming to Georgetown, the go-to D.C. grocery chain is planning similar overhauls at the Southwest Waterfront and Petworth.
At the Waterfront, preliminary work is under way for the new store, which will go up behind the current building near the Metro. When completed in 2011, the old store will be [...]