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Unobstructed View: In Cancelling The Man Cave, the Same Patterns Play Out Again

This pattern is very familiar: advance, backpedal, move forward again, scuttle

In Which Two Washington Post Sportswriters Debate Post Policy, Over Twitter

If you're not following Mike Wise and Dan Steinberg on Twitter, you may have missed their discussion this afternoon of allegations that former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paid bounties for his players to hurt opponents. Wise said he had more dirt than that on Williams; said dirt then followed.
Read the exchange here:
Gregg Williams [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: With Zorn Gone, the Redskins Can Get Back to Hiring Father/Son Combos?

We now know who the previous Redskins coach was: The Skins fired Jim Zorn.
And, with the 16-game preseason schedule for the 2010 season over after that loss to the San Diego JV, today we'll find out who the next Skins coach will be.
Everybody still says Mike Shanahan is really coming to town. By the time [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Prediction: Tiger Woods Will Sit Out the Masters While in Cad Recovery Program?

Very interesting interview over the weekend with Greggg Williams from a Saints-friendly publication.
The best parts of the talk with the former Redskins and current New Orleans defensive coordinator ain't the ones where Williams says over and over that he's great pals with Dan Snyder, the guy who made him stay at the poolhouse for three [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Sherm Lewis Fail? Or Will Sherman Lewis Fail?

Cheap Seats Daily and its inferiority complex ravaged sister publication remain the go-to news organs for coverage of what the Redskins have officially dubbed the Cheerleader Car Wash Sweepstakes.
Yesterday, in this very space, we blew the lid off the latest listener contest for Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM-AM, in which the Redskins owner promises to [...]