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New D.C. Council Bills Aim to Prevent Graffiti, Violations of Students’ Privacy

Take note, kids.

Sunday Morning

2100 Block of 8th Street NW

Porn King Takes Up Tagging?

Retired D.C. smut king Dennis Sobin has always loved art. He acted and directed adult films, wrote a book about how to play the guitar, and runs a gallery of prisoner-art. Most recently, he’s written a musical about being a registered sex offender.
Now, he—or someone he’s influenced—seems to be dabbling in that most controversial of [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: A Very Merry Unbirthday To You Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
O Bikeshare, Where Art Thou? With the news of the expansion of Capital Bikeshare, The Hill is Home has asked readers where they might like to see a station—if the neighborhood is lucky enough to snag one or more [...]

Photos: I Was Here

Neighborhood Watch: Turning the Table in Kalorama Park

The Issue: The graffiti on a Kalorama Park picnic table is smeared, but it seems to say "Wlla Fuckin Beasts!" Like the dispute over whether to replace the table it's written on, it's ugly, and its original meaning is obscured. Reconstruction in the park began last summer, but it's been delayed by endless controversies over [...]

Photos: Monday, a Warning

Turdle, a Sign of Our Troubled Times

Dewey Beach gets its share of bathroom-stall graffiti—innuendo, phone numbers, cartoon dicks in various moods—but there isn’t much real defacement to speak of. Certainly nothing so avant garde as “tagging,” where a lone artist leaves his signature as a sign of…many artistically ambitious, high-minded things. Dewey had none of this until Turdle, an enigma armed [...]