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The Official Republican Line on D.C.

Last week, you read about the Republican Party platform committee and its extensive efforts to ensure that the District maintains its colonial status vis-a-vis the federal government. But now, with the GOP convention in full swing in Tampa, Fla., you can actually read what the platform itself says about our city. Here's every line in [...]

Cool Republican Fist Pumps After Opposing D.C. Statehood

Hey, it's Indiana's James Bopp, right after he convinced the GOP platform committee in Tampa to oppose D.C. statehood. What a neat guy, and definitely a serious thinker on statehood.
Wonkette compared Bopp's fist pump to a jock on Glee, but from my personal experience, I can tell that Bopp's subdued but still exultant move is [...]

GOP Platform Has Big Plans for D.C.

Last week's shooting at Tony Perkins' downtown Family Research Council hasn't changed the religious conservative's mind when it comes to the wisdom of allowing more guns to the District. Speaking at the Republican Platform Committee's meeting today, Perkins offered a resolution supporting expanded gun rights in the D.C.
Also on the GOP plank for Washington: a section about [...]

Brown Asks Santorum To Support D.C. Statehood

At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown has a question for GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum after his statement that he'd support Puerto Rico becoming a state if the official language were English: What about D.C.?
Brown writes in a letter to Santorum that he'd like the candidate to say whether he supports D.C. statehood: "I am writing [...]

Republicans Hate Your Bike

You know who else—besides angry drivers—hates bicyclists? Republicans! Writes Washington City Paper alum Stephanie Mencimer at Mother Jones:
The federal government spends about $40 billion a year on transportation projects. Of that, about $928 million has been devoted to what's known as a "transportation enhancement" program, which provides funding for projects—including rails-to-trails conversions, bike lanes and bridges—that make [...]

The Needle: One Shining Metro Moment Edition

Royal Registry: Planning to crash the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? Besides packing your white tie and tails and/or Cinderella-esque ball gown, don't forget to make a donation to a D.C.-based charity. PeacePlayers International, a local organization that uses basketball to bring people together in regions with conflicts, is on the list of [...]