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D.C.’s Top Google Search of 2013: “Boston Marathon”

Google released its list of the District's top 2013 searches this morning, and the "Boston Marathon," "Aaron Hernandez," and "iphone 5s" came out on top.
The list didn't stray too much from the list of national trends, in which "Paul Walker," "Boston Marathon Bombing," and "Nelson Mandela" ranked as the most searched terms.
"This year saw a [...]

Google vs. LivingSocial Is No Contest

While warning Google's new group coupon service, Offers, away from D.C., DCist editor Martin Austermuhle reaches a bit:
Google should tread carefully — the District, after all, is LivingSocial territory. Beyond the fact that two of the company's executives are locals — CEO and co-founder Tim O'Shaughnessy went to Georgetown, while Eddie Frederick, president and co-founder, [...]

How Google Used Mike Allen to Zing Facebook

The text ads that run every day in Politico's Playbook tend to fall into one of two categories.
There are the general "We're an honorable business!" messages, run by corporations like Microsoft ("we're committed to providing the technology people need to live and work creatively and productively"), McDonald's ("when we reduced the trans fats in our [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Google Jim Graham” Edition

WTOP went digging through Metrobus records and concluded yesterday that D.C. should ride at its own risk. In the last five years, there were over 400 violations for running red lights, and one driver was even disciplined for watching television while driving (are you feeling lucky?). Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham told the station those [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The World’s Greatest Beer Man, Milstein Resurfaces, Ficker Running Again

Fortune magazine has named some folks who might try to get control of the New York Times from the Sulzberger family.
The piece has some likely suspects — David Geffen and Google, among them.
But the most intriguing and, for us locals, scariest of the alleged Times takeoverers?
Howard Milstein.
Yes, THAT Howard Milstein.
The Howard Milstein who a [...]


If Jeff Jarvis had his way, this post would not exist. In his new book "What Would Google Do?," Jarvis lays out a number of rules to help dead tree newspaper types and corporations in general face the new online reality–including "do what you do best and link to the rest."
Just like the newspaper industry [...]

Eason Responds, Sort Of

So I guess I could have just gone to the big man himself. Earlier today I posted about the confusing, and concerning, documents filed by Creative Loafing, our parent company, in their application for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Well, blogger Rob Capriccioso, aka Big Head Rob, took it upon himself to forward my post to [...]