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McGregor Out at DeMatha?

Update 1:02 PM: According to the school, Bill McGregor has officially resigned.
Word out of Hyattsville is that Bill McGregor will announce he's quitting as DeMatha's head football coach today.
Such a move has been rumored for more than a week, but McGregor's exodus, if that indeed happens, will come as huge news in the local and [...]

Good Counsel’s Football Benefactor Sacked With Massive Fine

As detailed in a Cheap Seats column in July, Bernie Dancel is more than an assistant coach for Good Counsel.
Dancel also donates a whole lot of money to the program, for facilities (Good Counsel plays at Dancel Field) and scholarships for students who happen to play for the powerhouse team.
But it looks like Dancel, who [...]

DeMatha/Good Counsel Update: Schoolboy Football Rivalry Gone Too Crazy for the Schoolboy Football Crazies?

On the verge of prep practices opening all across the area, the DeMatha/Good Counsel rivalry is getting sillier or fabulouser by the day, depending on how seriously you take high school sports. Even some obsessives are wondering if it's getting out of hand.
Here at Cheap Seats, both the weekly and daily incarnations, we've done what [...]

Ten Men Out: Ever Heard of a High School Football Game Being ‘Fixed’?

This week, for the profit-centristic print version of Washington City Paper, I wrote about Bernie Dancel, who gives a lot of money away to do-gooder efforts all across the region. My story focused mainly on the money Dancel's given to the football program at Our Lady of Good Counsel, which heads into the 2010 [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Charlie Weis? No! Marty Schottenheimer? Yes!

This holiday season has given me a new favorite TV commercial: the one for Fun Slides.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
That's a pair of slippery plastic pieces you strap to the bottom of your shoes like skates and slide around the house in. The spots for these carpet skates [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Guess Who We Blame for Adam Lambert’s Stumble?

Both JLo and Adam Lambert stumbled on stage at the American Music Awards. You don't see that much at these big shindigs, two such polished performers just falling on their ass, given all the prep work that goes into these routines.
Wait just a second... The AMA's...Hmmmm...Isn't that a Dick Clark Productions production?
Why, yes, it is!
And [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Could Car Wash Contest Be Snyder Punishing Redskins Cheerleaders for Promoting Rival WJFK?

Another day, another update on Dan Snyder's Cheerleader Car Wash Sweepstakes. Another chance to run that fab/yucky photo from Snyder's WTEM promotion, the one that's sucked in some of the most brilliant minds in new media to our humble comments section.
Seems Snyder doesn't really care who he jumps in bed with these days. His partner [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The Johnny Rockets Menu Proves Dan Snyder Is Priceless?

Dan Snyder's detestability rating enjoyed another spike yesterday: Reports out of FedExField for the Tampa Bay game have Snyder confiscating paper bags at the entrance to his stadium, so fans couldn't put them on their heads for the TV cameras.
Sportstalk radio station WJFK this morning put on callers who said they got bags past the [...]