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Will Vince Gray Tax God?

Could Vince Gray pass a tax so airtight, God himself could not evade it?
So ponders Washington Times' senior opinion editor Emily Miller in an article headlined, irresistibly, "Tax on God." Miller's concerned that Gray is considering taxing companies that hold classes in the city's parks.
It took God six days to create the earth, but it [...]

Marion Barry Press Conference: God Intervenes

From Jason Cherkis, who is covering today's Marion Barry press conference:
The Ward 8 Councilmember refused to answer reporters' questions about public contracts he awarded and then revoked from his former girlfriend, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt. Instead, this latest standup would be a "single-issue" presser on his arrest by the U.S. Park Police on a stalking charge and [...]

Election 2008 Write-Ins: Newt Gingrich, Paris Hilton, and Other People Who Are Not President

In a thoroughly predictable turn of events, Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul were the write-in champions of 2008 (by all accounts a banner year for write-ins). That makes plenty of sense, given that both Clinton and Paul boasted die-hard adherents with a bit of a disenfranchisement complex.
To paraphrase President-elect Obama: "When people get [...]