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Go-Go Venue Club 24 Closed After Brawl, Stabbing

The go-go scene seems to be in trouble again: According to an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) report, in the small hours of Thursday morning, Club 24 went nuts.
Fans of go-go group Polo and the Boyz seem to have been responsible for the fuss, which led to a brawl and a stabbing at [...]

Once Again, MPD Helps You Party: The Latest Go-Go Report

If you're wondering where to go to take in some go-go in the next couple of weeks, MPD has once again done the leg work for you. Below, for your perusal, is the newest go-go report.

Chief Cathy Lanier Defends MPD’s Go-Go Report

On WAMU-FM today, host Kojo Nnamdi asked D.C. MPD Chief Cathy Lanier about the "go-go report" her department produces—the latest edition of which City Desk published yesterday. Though MPD officials have, in the past, called the report a useful tool in fighting crime, Lanier mostly brushed off Nnamdi's questions about it, saying it was really [...]

Go-Go Band TCB Loses One More Venue

The same day that City Desk published MPD's hush-hush "go-go report," two of the genre's acts lost another D.C. venue.
District officials and nightclub owner Dean Smothers made clear Wednesday that certain go-go bands would never again be welcome at The Scene, in Northeast.
"I believe we've asked you to terminate your contractual relationship with TCB and Polo and [...]

Exclusive: A Look at MPD’s “Go-Go Report”

Every two weeks, a secret document gets passed around the D.C. MPD hierarchy: the “go-go report.” Prepared by the MPD’s hush-hush Intelligence Branch, the report details which bands are playing at which clubs, and when. Police officials have been compiling the reports for a while now, and they’ve claimed the work helps them tamp down [...]

D.C.’s Troubled Go-Go Scene Continues to Attract the Cops

A fierce Friday night in the District produced two shootings and six victims, two of which have died. The Washington Post reports:
"One victim was a 16-year-old District youth and the other was a 36-year-old Clinton man. The shootings occurred within an hour and 10 minutes, one in the 5900 block of Georgia Avenue in the [...]