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Two-Hour Power Outage in Upper Northwest: Chaos Reigns!

Last night, 1,122 households in Northwest D.C. were out of power for about two hours. The outage affected some households in Glover Park, but most of the Pepco customers left in the dark lived just south of Tenleytown in Wesley Heights, according to Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey.
The outage started around 7:42 p.m. Tuesday night [...]

Some Glover Park Residents Wanted Strippers Not to Use Front Door of Neighborhood Club

The Glover Park Advisory Neighborhood Commission recently struck a voluntary agreement with its longtime neighborhood strip club, Good Guys Club, that contained an unusual provision: It would have forced the club to try to ensure that "entertainment personnel," i.e., the strippers, enter the establishment only through the back door before 5 p.m.
The agreement was part [...]

New Strip Club Too Sexy for D.C.

Glover Park, previously best known for its Whole Foods and baseball field, is about to get a whole lot steamier thanks to the newly renovated JP's strip club, the Washington Post reports. The neighborhood already has one nude club, but JP's is different: It's more intimate.
In the new JP's, the kitchen has been torn out [...]

Georgetown Again Turns to Russians for Swanky Gala

Although the Russian Embassy isn't located in Georgetown, the city's oldest neighborhood will host its swanky fall gala there. Again.
As The Georgetown Dish recently reported, the Oct. 15 fall gala hosted by the Citizens Association of Georgetown, will take place within the safe confines of the Russian Embassy complex, one of the most austere and [...]

Ideas to Breathe New Life Into D.C. Cemeteries

While the recent grave mismanagement scandal at Arlington National Cemetery may dampen local enthusiasm for the national trend of finding creative new uses for cemeteries, in a backwards-kinda-way, it does spark questions about whether D.C. could taking better advantage of its cemetery spaces for the public good.
As The Wall Street Journal reports, cemeteries across the [...]

Neighborhood Watch: A Streetcar-Aimed Desire for Wisconsin Avenue

The Issue: The District Department of Transportation's plan to install a 37-mile streetcar system glaringly leaves Ward 3 out in the cold, without concrete plans for a streetcar to run up Wisconsin Avenue from Georgetown. “One of the reasons they didn’t proceed was lack in community support,” says Glover Park resident Ben Thielen and creator [...]

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Uscientific Poll Results: Build the Damn Giant Already

My duties have lagged in regard to keeping City Desk readers up to date on the played-out drama regarding the proposed Giant grocery complex on Wisconsin Avenue. And do you know why? Because this NIMBY crap has gone on with this project for 10 YEARS and no one gives a shit anymore.
Please, for the love [...]