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Morning Roundup: New Cell-Phone OS vs. Father of Modern Anthropology Edition

Real Talk With Andrew Beaujon™: What is weighing on you most heavily this morning: The death of Claude Lévi-Strauss...or the impending release of DROID?
If you picked DROID, keep reading!

News Analysis: To Save Beer from Global Warming, Stop Having Kids

Here is a little “news analysis” I think our City Paper constituency can appreciate.
Yesterday, beer lovers were devastated to hear global warming is hurting beer production. While that news was bad, the Washington Post followed up with a dispatch today suggesting that we can solve global warming if we stop having kids.
Put the two news items [...]

Build Your Own Wind Turbine, Then Crow about It

After a few weeks of micro-blogging, I think I’ve figured out what Twitter is good for: all manner of information whizzing by haphazardly. I miss 90 percent of this stream-of-consciousness info. stream, what with real work to do.  But when I take the time, there is usually some funky item worth crowing about. 
Check out this set [...]

The Yes Men Take to the Airwaves Tonight but Still Unlikely to Change the World

You know the dog days of summer are upon us when the Washington Post’s television highlights include tonight’s The Yes Men Fix the World, a new HBO documentary about those zany activists/performance artists, who go around impersonating corporate executives.
Their particular form of protest comes from poking fun at serious issues such as world trade rules, [...]

Biofuels Not Likely to Save Us + Planet, Study Suggests

A new study casts yet more doubt on the notion that biofuels are going to save the planet from global warming and us from paying high gas prices. The report just published by the Government Accountability Office, found much ballyhooed “next-generation” biofuels are likely to have the same kinds of pitfalls plaguing the last.
By now, [...]

The House Just Passed “Historic” Climate Legislation

The House of Representatives just passed cap and trade legislation to combat global warming.
The final tally – webcast live on C-SPAN – was 219 to 212, largely along party lines, though more than three-dozen Democrats defected to vote against the legislation. 

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 comes three years after the world scientific [...]

Global Warming is Here and Getting Worse, Report Says

Heavier rainfall, more scorching hot summer days, shorter winters, and spreading dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay – these are a few of the local impacts of global warming, according to a report released today by the Obama Administration.
The gist: Global warming is already here and only going to get worse.
Among the scarier scenarios for [...]

Out with the Trash, In with the Air Pollution?

Did you know that much of the city’s trash is trucked to Fairfax County, where it is incinerated and turned into electricity? According to the Department of Public Works and the “waste-to-energy” industry, it's a "win-win" scenario; the trash disappears and the country reduces its dependence on foreign oil. What could be more patriotic, especially [...]