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The Needle: At His Beck and Call

Also: Welcome to D.C., Stevie Wonder.

The Needle: Artistic License

Artistic License: D.C. released a new version of its driver's licenses, and it's very flowery. -1

Help Not Wanted: Glenn Beck, Tea Party Patriots, and others will participate in a day of service Saturday where they will clean up the monuments on the National Mall that the "president shutdown." -6

The Needle: Old Maps Edition

Arguing with Idiots: Conservative media host Glenn Beck is usually mad about something. Today, that something was Washington Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's new house. Specifically, Beck thinks it didn't cost enough. For the record, it cost $2.3 million. -2
They'll Fly Away: Yes, American Airlines and US Airways would, if their proposed merger is approved, [...]

The Needle: Save Us, John Beck, You’re Our Only Hope Edition

Eat Your Vegetables: For years, stereotypes of D.C. dining began and ended with lobbyists sitting in steakhouses, carving up the world along with their filets. That's now well out of date—and as a new survey shows, D.C. apparently has the highest percentage in the country of diners who eat vegetarian meals when visiting restaurants. Don't [...]

The Needle: Like a Hurricane Edition

Getting Blown Away: This year has already brought the D.C. region blizzards, near-record heat waves, and an earthquake. So it probably shouldn't come as any surprise that Virginia officials are now warning that Hurricane Earl could wind up rolling through the area. For now, southern Virginia looks to be at more risk than the District, [...]

Observing Local-Outsider Disconnect on the Fringe of Glenn Beck’s Rally

From the fringes of Saturday’s “Restore the Dream” rally, life went on generally as is in the nation’s capital. As "hundreds of thousands" of Tea Party folks and other Glenn Beck rally-goers gathered at in West Potomac Park between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument—likely adding weight to the already sinking Reflecting Pool—the Batala all-women’s [...]

The Needle: Unpleasant Dreams Edition

A Weekend of Mental Anguish: While Glenn Beck and his friends are sure to annoy plenty of District denizens this weekend, thanks to the intrepid reporting by The Washington Post's Tim Craig, mental images of Vince Gray in Sex and the City have the potential to create some distress as we're all falling asleep tonight. [...]

The Needle: It’s Not Easy Being In the Smithsonian Edition

Hi Ho: The original Kermit the Frog puppet will join the Smithsonian's Museum of American History, along with several other Muppet prototypes that used to star on Sam and Friends, on WRC-TV, the first showcase for the Sesame Street crew. Presumably, they'll take their place alongside other treasures of American pop culture in the nostalgia-inducing, [...]

A Glenn Beck Fan’s Guide to Washington, D.C.

The District is bracing for yet another gathering of Tea Party activists, seemingly furious about the very existence of the federal government and complaining about "taxation without representation." (Though, honestly, we in D.C. know from taxation without representation, and none of these grouches from states with two senators and voting House members really impress City [...]