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What Will Happen to Adrian Fenty’s $12,000 Gift Bike?

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has his passions, and sometimes your passions pay off.
Avid competitive cyclist Fenty is reportedly on the brink of pulling off a veritable coup by luring the Giro d'Italia, one of the three premier European grand tours, to D.C. for its initial stages in 2012.
For his efforts, Hizzoner was feted at an [...]

Morning Roundup: Mystery Edition

All I'm saying is it would make a great frame for a mystery novel. Local art school announces it won't be using that extension campus after all, thanks, and is selling it to a family that will turn it into an art museum/boutique hotel. The same educational institution then announces it's presenting an exhibition of [...]

UPDATED: Giro d’Italia to Start in D.C.?

The Giro d'Italia—one of the three grand European cycling tours—is considering starting its run in Washington, D.C. "in the coming years," before jetting all the competitors across the Atlantic to continue the race.
This momentous news comes courtesy of Cycling News, which in turn got the tidbit from a dispatch in Italian sports rag La Gazzetta [...]