Gilbert Arenas’ Cover-Up Text Messages

Prosecutors are asking a Superior Court judge to jail Wizards star Gilbert Arenas for no less than three months, and the text messages he allegedly sent above are part of the reason why.

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Gilbert Arenas For the Ethical Treatment of Fur Coats

Fur You: If you spotted a panhandler wearing a mink this week, it might be thanks to Gilbert Arenas. On March 2, Arenas "hosted" a fur coat giveaway in which expensive, animal-extracted outerwear was handed out to some of the District's homeless. The currently suspended Wizard guard was helping out animal rights group PETA's "Fur [...]

District Limerick: If Gilbert Had Rhymed

How 'bout if Arenas' op-ed
Was written in verses instead?
(He says he's no fighter
But sure ain't a writer)
In lim'rick form, here's what he said:
I messed up, and that is the truth
But one thing was really uncouth
I aim to inspire
Not bless arms of fire
I'm sorry to let down the youth
Regarding the guns, I feel crappy
But recently this [...]

Wizards Arenas and Crittenton Suspended for Remainder of Season

NBA Commissioner David Stern has suspended Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas and his teammate Javaris Crittenton without pay for the remainder of the 2009-2010 season. The Washington Post is reporting that Arenas has told the players union not to fight the suspension.
Arenas, who pleaded guilty last week to a felony gun charge, already has missed 12 [...]

Wizards’ Crittenton Charged; Pleads Guilty

Wizards Guard Javaris Crittenton has been charged with two gun violations: one felony unlawful possession of a firearm and one misdemeanor attempting to carry a pistol without a license. A hearing on the matter in D.C. Superior Court is scheduled for like five minutes from now. Print out your very own  PDF of the Crittenton [...]

Was Gilbert Arenas Mike Wise’s Source for His Reporting on the Gun Incident?

There's nothing new about Tony Kornheiser hammering Mike Wise on his ESPN 980 radio show. Local browser histories groan under the weight of blog posts about their on-air jousts (e.g.: 1, 2, 3, 4), with the most recent chapters concerning Wise's coverage of Gilbert Arenas' fall.
At issue are two questions:
1) How good was Gilbert [...]

Mourning Roundup: George Michael, Not the Singer, Edition

Today Gilbert Arenas could prance through Chinatown wearing nothing but a bandolier and smile, and there would be no one to cover it. For today, every member of the District Sports Media Elite will be at the National Cathedral for the memorial service of George Michael, not the singer.
If you are from D.C. [...]

Photos: Friday, the Edit Suite

The Friday Limerick Review

For Haiti, this week was the worst
But D.C. need not be coerced
We know a good cause
Like doctors and gauze
And helping to quench growing thirst
On Wednesday, John Catoe took action
To stop his "unhealthy distraction"
The Red Line derailed
And critics prevailed
By force of their dissatisfaction
The consequence for his aggression:
A felony charge for possession
His stardom may sink
But not [...]

Gilbert Arenas’ Lawyer Releases Instant Statement To Press

Twitter is still buzzing about the goings on down at D.C. Superior Court. And yet, moments ago, Gilbert Arenas' lawyer Ken Wainstein released this instant statement to the press via e-mail:
“Earlier this afternoon, Gilbert Arenas appeared before the Honorable Robert E. Morin of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and pled guilty to [...]

Morning Roundup: Catoe, a Copped Plea, and Leno to Conan: “You’re Welcome”

Good morning, and welcome back to Freedom Friday! That is, if you're John Catoe.
Metro's general manager told the WMATA board he's out, as of April 2. This unexpected news prompted quite a diverse reaction. Said Christopher Zimmerman, who sits on the board and wanted Catoe to stay: "I do think we had the very best [...]

Gilbert Arenas Charged In Gun Case

Gilbert Arenas has been charged with carrying a pistol without a license outside his home. Here's your collectible PDF from D.C. Superior Court.

If the Washington Wizards Owned This Book, Gilbert Arenas’ Life Would Be So Different Right Now

People are what make games fun. The jokes and reactions to turns of fortune build to humorous levels that at times are more memorable than any stakes that were won or lost....A Bourre' game is tailor made for such foolishness, maybe that's why it's so popular in South Lousiana....So gather up a half-dozen or so [...]

‘Little Head’ Gets Shot In The Leg, Lies About It

If anyone has learned anything from this week it's that you shouldn't lie about guns. Dante "Little Head" Vaughn has learned that lesson the hard way—with a jury conviction.
Yesterday, a D.C. Superior Court jury found Little Head, 29, guilty of obstruction of justice for repeatedly lying about a shooting incident in April 2008.
Little Head was [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

This fall, when the staffer was struck
It seemed like some really bad luck
But now she is suing
For Metro's wrongdoing
And stands to make more than a buck
The crasher count climbed up to three
(The new guy is known in Mount P)
These folks are tenacious
But not all that gracious
I'm over it; can't we all be?
Most likely, it wasn't [...]