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Bei Bei Went Outside

And climbed a tree.

Panda Watch: Ultrasound Provides More Evidence That Mei Xiang Is Pregnant, Not Faking

Mei Xiang could give birth as early as next week.

The National Zoo Reopens (but the Lions Still Think They’re Furloughed)

On their first day back on the job since the end of the government shutdown, the National Zoo's lions were getting about as much respect as other members of the often-maligned federal workforce.
"RAWR," growled a small girl, hoping to inspire a reaction from the residents of the Great Cats habitat. They continued to lounge in [...]

Yet Another Disappointment: Mei Xiang’s Not Preggers

D.C.'s second-best panda showed all the signs. There was the hormone in the urine. There was the lack of energy and changes to her appetite. There was the drop in the hormone in the urine, which happens just before birth. And, lastly, there was the fact that she ovulated and the zoo staff attempted to [...]