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More on Why Words Matter: The Examiner Says D.C. Suburbs Are Becoming “Ghettos”

Since it's been established here, here, and here that terminology matters, it seems worth pointing out the screaming language on the front page of the Washington Examiner yesterday: "Suburban dreams turn into ghettoes." The headline inside the paper said: "Foreclosure crisis creating suburban slums."
The story by Bill Myers and David Sherfinski began:
Two years of economic [...]

“Ghetto”: Just What Do You Mean by That?

Greater Greater Washington, in an interesting blog post the other day, delved into the use of the word "ghetto" in part in response to the heated online discussion that ensued over a mural that went up in Bloomingdale earlier this year.
After a neighborhood blog pictured the mural of "Boxer Girl," a black woman clad [...]