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Here’s What Happened When the District’s First Walmarts Opened

Dorothy Whitaker stood with her full shopping cart in the middle of the Walmart on Georgia Avenue NW while her adult daughter picked up some other items around the 100,000-square-foot store.
A fellow shopper had told her that someone had stolen a coveted TV from his cart, so Whitaker was standing guard over hers.
Other than that, [...]

Chatter: Leader of the Pachyderms

What you said about what we said last week
Does any animal invite more high-pitched emotions than the hippopotamus? The impassioned responses to Will Sommer’s case for the oft-dismissed creature suggest we might be do our Web numbers a favor by launching an animals column. Reacting to Sommer’s argument that the National Zoo is worse for [...]

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Georgia Avenue NW, October 17

The Needle: Hot Again Edition

SmarTrip Getting Smarter: Some day soon, paper farecards may be a thing of the past. That's because Metro is planning to unveil new SmarTrip cards that cost less than the $5 the current cards run you—which, coupled with a $1 surcharge for paper cards that kicks in in July, means even tourists may well just [...]

Photos: Thanksgiving Parade

Parade Gallery.  Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD.  Nov. 19th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: MLK Dedication (For Real) Edition

MLK Memorial, Take Two: The last time the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. was scheduled for a dedication ceremony, a tropical storm got in the way. This weekend, the weather's set to be perfect for the rescheduled event. (Yes, there was a tornado last night near Quantico, Va., but the ceremony isn't until [...]

A Tense Saturday for the Caribbean Parade

On Saturday, gunfire rang out near the corner of Georgia Avenue and Gresham Place NW, according to police, leaving four shot, and one man, Robert Foster, dead. The three other victims are hospitalized. The violence erupted at approximately 5:03 p.m., sometime after the nearby D.C. Caribbean Festival parade ended.
The day saw [...]

Photos: Caribbean Carnival

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Photo: Georgia Avenue

Molotov Matt, March 25

Police Investigating Georgia Avenue Traffic Blow-Up

Romeo Morgan, the business owner who says an internal affairs cop assaulted him with a BMW Friday, says he met with investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department about the incident this morning.
At a 9:30 meeting, he says, cops asked him about his claim that IAD detective Leon Epps accelerated into him after Morgan, who was [...]

Restaurant Owner Says Angry Internal Affairs Cop Hit Him With Car

The owner of Morgan's Seafood in Petworth says he had a harrowing experience Friday afternoon. Romeo Morgan says he was outside his Georgia Avenue restaurant when a police officer lost it during a traffic altercation. Morgan says he was helping direct a tractor trailer that wanted to pull out of traffic and into a spot [...]

D.C. Elites Win the Dawn!

Great news, Washingtonians: It's boom time here!
That, at least, is the argument Politico (er, sorry, POLITICO) has plastered all over its homepage this morning, breathlessly heralding the results of a survey 1,011 Americans and "227 Washington, D.C., Elites." The poll, taken by Mark Penn, finds the D.C. elites think the country is doing much better [...]

Cops Collar Perp in Starbucks Stickup

A gunman who allegedly robbed the Howard University Starbucks earlier this afternoon is now in a latte trouble.
According to police, the armed suspect entered the java joint in the 2200 block of Georgia Avenue NW and (instead of specifying tall, grande or venti) demanded cash.
The man fled after the crime, but police caught up with him. "A subsequent search resulted in the recovery of [...]

Photos: The Candy Shop

Tim Carman with the story, more photos after the jump

Photo: Friday, on the Avenue

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