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Georgetown Voice: How The Neighbors Stole Christmas

In a fit of holiday cheer, students at the Georgetown Voice put together a parody of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" (click image at link for a PDF), but naturally in this case, the Grinch (or grinches) is represented by the neighbors who are fighting the university's campus plan:
Every Hoya down in Hoya-Ville liked Christmas a [...]

Georgetown Voice Students Punished for Damaging University Property

The Georgetown Voice offices are being downsized after three students caused damage to the ceiling of their on-campus space.
Last month, during Hurricane Irene, the students were in an area closed off due to the threat of flying debris. The students ignored "repeated, reasonable requests" from campus police officers to vacate the space, says the university's [...]

Workers Caught in Georgetown Blaze Suffer Minor Injuries

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesperson Pete Piringer says that two Georgetown University maintenance workers caught in campus blaze on Thursday morning  aren't as badly injured as previously thought.
The two workers were removing carpet and glue from a floor in a building called New North, using lacquer thinner. Moments later, they plugged in a floor stripping [...]

Ordered to Close, Georgetown’s Philly P’s Finally Does

After a night of drunken debauchery in Georgetown, nothing tastes better than a slice of pizza–something's gotta soak up the alcohol. But Philly Pizza & Grill on Potomac Street NW has finally shuttered, after losing a hard-fought battle with the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).
“Philly [...]

The Hoya‘s Lame Coverage of the Heckler‘s KKK Satire

Perhaps even more interesting than the controversy over a recent Georgetown Heckler article that invoked a cross burning and the KKK in an attempt to make fun of the Hoya newspaper's own troubles on the issue of race is the coverage the Hoya gave it.
The student paper published one six-paragraph article—216 words—that did not mention [...]

More on the Georgetown KKK Satire: University Official Condemns Content as “Deeply Hurtful”

The Georgetown Voice's Vox Populi blog covered last night's on-campus forum organized by students upset over a recent article in the satirical Georgetown Heckler about a KKK-style cross burning on campus that was meant to mock the Hoya newspaper and its disastrous April Fools' issue.
Vox Populi writes:
Heckler Editor-in-Chief Jack Stuef (COL ‘10) answered questions and [...]

Georgetown Student, Too Busy to Drive Self to Work, Seeks Personal Assistant

Being a college student is very demanding. There is the whole academic thing. Like going to classes, and completing homework assignments. Then, on top of that, you're expected to feed yourself. And clean yourself, and clean your clothes, and clean your room (or not). It's all too much, really.
Which is why one Georgetown University student [...]

The Hoya: Still No Sense of Humor

Georgetown University has two major campus newspapers, The Hoya, published twice weekly, and The Voice, published weekly. As an undergraduate some years back, I spent much of my college career, to the detriment of my college career, working at the Voice.
Like any two institutions in close competition and proximity (they occupy adjacent offices in the [...]

College Rag Wrap Up for Feb. 9

College Rag Wrap-up: Your weekly roundup of what’s new(s) in D.C. college papers (and blogs). Each Monday, City Desk summarizes the most interesting stories from college oriented newspapers and blogs in the area. Links are compiled by City Paper intern Ryan J. Reilly, who is an editor at Catholic University’s student newspaper, the Tower.

Beaujon to Georgetown Voice: I Do Not Look Like Todd Louiso

Yes, Sam Sweeny, your article on the City Paper is pretty good. But saying I look like the "bald record store clerk from High Fidelity" is just plain baldism. Here's Todd Louiso's IMDB page—if anyone around here looks like him, it's Moyer. Me, I'm more like Dean Stockwell with a shaved head.
Compare photos below. I'm [...]