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Did You Move to D.C. Recently? Tell City Paper About It

We're seeking volunteers who came here in the last year to help us with some research.

The D.C. Commencement Speaker Matrix

Sitting through a commencement address is surely among the least important things that happens during a college career. It’s also the one that inspires the most disproportionately passionate reactions. The announcement that Sean “Diddy” Combs would address Howard University graduates this spring was greeted by both cheers and some skepticism, since Combs is a Howard [...]

The Martial Plan: How Student Veterans Adjust to D.C. Colleges

Before TM Gibbons-Neff cracked a textbook at Georgetown, he was patrolling Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where strangers tried to kill him and his friends.
Before Kate Hoit studied creative nonfiction at Johns Hopkins University, she spent a year with Army public affairs in northern Iraq. At a military hospital, she refused to turn a general’s handshake with [...]

Georgetown Walk-On, One of Six Kids, Earns Scholarship for Senior Season

It’s a phenomenon that’s followed John Caprio since his first days at Georgetown—and it’s still not one his mother entirely understands. But whenever the seldom-used senior guard has taken the Verizon Center floor over the past four years, he’s never failed to elicit the biggest roar from the Hoya faithful.
At Georgetown’s “Midnight Madness” pep rally [...]

Not in My Back Quad: Can Students Become a D.C. Voting Bloc?

On a September night in 2011, 39 students from D.C. colleges clustered around the steps to Georgetown University’s White Gravenor Hall. From about 9 to 9:50 p.m., they watched a cappella groups and slam poets perform, making about as much noise as three dozen undergraduates can muster without the aid of a pep band or [...]

Georgetown Mascot-in-Training Drops Out (Updated)

It looks like there will be one fewer Hoya on Georgetown University's campus next year.
The university confirmed today that Jack Jr. or "J.J.", its canine mascot-in-training, will not be returning to campus in the fall.
"J.J.’s caretaker and walkers have worked to orient him to campus and train him for mascot duties," Georgetown spokeswoman Rachel Pugh [...]

Controversial Georgetown Party Filmer Returns for a New Semester

Georgetown students throwing parties could have an unexpected observer this fall. And he's bringing a camera.
It's Burleith resident and longtime neighborhood gadfly Stephen R. Brown, proprietor of the "Drunken" Georgetown Students blog and ardent anti-noise advocate.  (Disclosure: There was a time I could have been called a drunken Georgetown student). While Brown has been in [...]

D.C. College Students Near the Top in Torrenting

Illicit torrent downloads: intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, really fun. Or so I'm told! Apparently, students at Georgetown and George Washington University feel the same way. Both schools are in the top 50 U.S. schools for use of BitTorrent in 2012, according to an analysis from TorrentFreak.
George Washington students [...]

Georgetown Students to Pressure University Over Campus Plan

Just when Georgetown University’s administrators and the school’s neighbors finally came to an agreement on the 2010 Campus Plan last week, a new faction wants its demands met: the students. Angry about the concessions made to neighbors, students say they’re going to fight the plan when school starts again.
The plan presented by Georgetown and the [...]

Georgetown’s Plan to Please Georgetown

The details are out for the new Georgetown University Campus Plan, which the university and its neighbors hashed out together in a process that officials hope will prevent this one from being challenged in court—as every previous campus plan before it has been. Neighborhood groups with input on the plan will vote on it over [...]

Town vs. Gown, No More?

After two years of acrimonious discussions between Georgetown University and its neighbors, the school—with the help of Mayor Vince Gray—announced yesterday that it’s reached a deal for the 2010 Campus Plan. Details could become available as early as today.
The plan will create a framework for a Georgetown community partnership that will fix the area’s short- [...]

Georgetown Waiting A Year To Implement Contraceptive Coverage

The Hoya reports that Georgetown University is taking all the time it has before it's forced to provide birth control under its student health plan:
“After thoughtful and careful consideration, we will continue our current practice for contraceptive coverage in our student health insurance for the coming year, as allowed for under the current rules,” [President [...]

Georgetown and Neighbors Request Extension For Next Campus Plan Filing

Back in February, the Zoning Commission punted on the Georgetown campus plan—there had been hopes that the two-year process would wrap up before winter was over—and requested that the university and its opponents submit more info. They wanted to know if neighbors thought Georgetown's off-campus student mitigation efforts (SNAP patrol, trash pick up, MPD reimbursable [...]

Hoyas Win!

Georgetown University may not win the NCAA basketball tourney, but it gets the top slot in the Awl's tuition bracket: "With Notre Dame at $40,910 this one's a squeaker, but Georgetown goes home with the title at $40,920 a year."

The Needle: Breitbart’s Last Rant Edition

Limbaugh Says Georgetown Student Is A "Slut," Obama Calls: Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who became the subject of Rush Limbaugh attacks after testifying that the Jesuit Georgetown University should pay for birth control, got a phone call from President Barack Obama today. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the president "expressed disappointment" [...]