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Georgetown Dish Writer: Sally Quinn Doesn’t Delight My Veblen!

By now, there's surely no more need to deconstruct Sally Quinn's article about how D.C. parties have become terrible. But it's hard to ignore a post yesterday on Georgetown Dish that comes to Quinn's defense. In his windy way, David A. Rothman manages to encapsulate Georgetown's "Let's put on a show...and save the world!" ethos.
The first [...]

The Needle: General Election Edition

D.C. Votes! The election that Professional Washington devoted its last year to predicting may be taking place everywhere but the District. But polls are open here in Our Nation's Capital, too. Not much drama to report: Even without Democratic primary loser Adrian Fenty's tepid opposition to a write-in effort on his behalf, it's a good [...]

AOL Enters Crowded Georgetown Market

Attention, Georgetowners! There's about to be an old-fashioned newspaper war in your old-fashioned neighborhood. OK, maybe not a newspaper war. But the market for online scoops about Jack Evans' electoral ambitions, Thomas Sweet's ice-cream menu, and NIMBYish complaints about those slovenly Georgetown University student group houses is about to get a lot more competitive.
Now joining [...]

The Saga of Philly P’s Goes On: It’s Open Today!

Yesterday in this space, City Desk reported that Georgetown's Philly Pizza & Grill was closed for good. That's what an employee said, after all, when we called to check.
But it's not!
Philly P's is still relentlessly serving up slices, despite an order to close by the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), reports the [...]