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Georgetown Cupcake Gets Right With the Law

Looks like Georgetown Cupcake's cupcake machines won't be going up on the taxman's auction block anytime soon. The Washington Business Journal reports that the company is all paid up on its delinquent tax bill, less than 24 hours after a lien was issued on the cupcakery.
An attorney for Georgetown Cupcake blamed the $189,282.71 bill on three months [...]

Georgetown Cupcake: Tax Scofflaws?

Will the customers waiting in line outside Georgetown Cupcake soon be joined by tax agents? The Washington Business Journal reports that the District has filed a tax lien against the trendy shop for a whopping $189,282.71 in taxes, penalties, and interest. In other words, the equivalent of about 68,727 cupcakes.
According to the lien, available below, [...]

The Needle: Cupcakes Unstoppable

Website Apocalypse Approaches: Washington City Paper's website will be down for the weekend starting at 5, but that only means weekend Tumblogging is on. Join us. +5
Twinkie Hoarding Begins: The company behind novelty snack Twinkies is shutting down. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. This leaves room for a far more delicious candy to [...]

The Needle: Ostrich Edition

Politics & Sold: Yes, Borders may be on its way to the brand graveyard. But if the health of the publishing industry can be measured by the fate of bookstores, the news isn't all bad; a buyer was announced today for Politics & Prose, the upper Northwest institution with its own C-SPAN camera. Former Washington [...]

The Needle: Brother, Can You Spare $600 Million Edition

D.C. Busted: For months, budget experts and politicians have been warning of how bad the District's fiscal situation is, and how much would have to be cut from expenditures (or raised in new taxes) to fill a $450 million gap in this year's balance sheet. Now it turns out the real shortfall is $600 million [...]

The Needle: Pepco Under Pressure Edition

Manly Deeds, Womanly Words, Pepco Oversight: The Maryland Public Service Commission announced it wants Pepco to appear at a hearing Tuesday morning to explain why the utility can't quite manage to actually provide electrical service to its customers. 60,000 people lost power in yesterday's storms, and nearly 40,000 of them were still in the dark [...]

How Many DCists Can This Town Hold?

The answer is two! I think. Karen Hart,'s guide to Washington, D.C., travel, Twitters under the name washingtondcist. This was a surprise to Sommer Mathis, editor of popular local blog DCist.

Post’s Cupcake War Is Over, But the Battle Rages On

After visiting 16 bakeries, consuming 35 pounds of sweets, and ingesting more than 11,000 calories per taster, the Washington Post finally declared a winner in its Cupcake Wars contest. Georgetown Cupcake took the top prize after sweeping the first seven spots in the Food section's list of the highest-rated cupcakes.
Food Editor Joe Yonan and his [...]