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The Needle: Public Enemies

Gangster Squat: It's hard to describe the John Dillinger-on-a-space-station vibe going on at new Dupont Circle club Heist, so take a look for yourself. Bags of money, briefcases with handcuffs on them...and Mr. Monopoly with an M16? +3
No Williams Woes: Former mayor Anthony Williams is not headed to Michigan to save Detroit, despite stories to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: “Unwanted Slumber Party” Edition

*UNWANTED SLUMBER PARTY: WTOP reports that a Georgetown student discovered a strange man in her bed yesterday morning. The G'town Cuddler strikes again? Police aren't sure:
"She screamed, he fled, and detectives responded," says D.C. Police Commander Matt Klein, "and subsequently took a report for a second degree sexual abuse."
The only description detectives have is the [...]