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Post Editor on Violence Against Women Headline: “That Was My Bad”

The Washington Post published an article on its PostEverything opinion blog today under a headline that basically boiled down to: "Women, don't sleep around if you don't want men to hit you."
Within a few hours, though, the headline was replaced with one that was a bit more tempered. The original: "One way to end violence against women? Stop taking [...]

The Needle: Motorcade Madness

Triumph of the Will: Columnist George Will taught U.S. history to some Nationals players after meeting some on a flight to the All-Star Game. After hearing that pitcher Jordan Zimmermann likes history, Will wrote out 20 flashcards for the players. In a radio interview, pitcher Stephen Strasburg said that the cards have taught him a [...]

Weekend in Review

How fast can MoCo close its schools? We're talking 4-8 inches here, a snow emergency declared by D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, and, no doubt, a run on milk at groceries everywhere.
But the big story of the weekend: Haynesworth? Is this guy worth $100 million? Will he finally be that one free-agent acquisition who [...]