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GW Hatchet Cuts Back to Printing Once a Week

The GW Hatchet, George Washington University's independent student newspaper, announced today it will scale back from a twice-a-week publication to a weekly.
In a blog post,  editor Cory Weinberg cited declining advertising revenue and increased online readership for reasons behind the decision. The paper will now come out every Monday. "This move will enable the paper’s faster [...]

The Presidents’ Race’s Next President: The Top Candidates

"Washington Whispers" reporter Elizabeth Flock (yep, that Elizabeth Flock) is reporting that fake Teddy Roosevelt could finally, at last, win a president's race in the Nationals' last regular season game.
The sourcing on Teddy's win seems a little, well, whispery, which makes the big news here Flock's other revelation: The Nats could be getting a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hemp (Not Pot) History Edition

As I chew on this sticky, hemp-seed infused  granola bar–which is surprisingly not awful (and an "excellent source of Omega-3," according to the label)–an actor dressed in an elaborate George Washington costume is preparing to dump a 50-pound bag of hemp seeds on the doorstep of the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's office.
Is he trying to [...]

Should Students Make Up Snow Days on Presidents’ Day?

Fall Church and Manassas  say yes. Alexandria and D.C. say no.
But why does anyone get Presidents' Day off in the first place? The holiday's name is bogus: You may think you're honoring all presidents, or maybe just the three or four everyone likes, but the feds consider the third Monday in February Washington's Birthday.

Our Morning Roundup: Great Escape Edition!

G'day,citizens. Daschle's out; so's Kwame Kilpatrick, but in a different way. Let's get to the links.
*D.C. Police are still on the lookout for Corey Harrison, the slippery fellow who went AWOL on his child support and then, once in custody, escaped from the United Medical Center in the 1300 block of Southern Ave. [...]